Garcia picks apart Broner!

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York was treated to a great night of boxing!  Mikey Garcia put on one of the best performances of his professional boxing career when he easily walked through Adrien Broner.  Broner looked great in round 1 as he used a great jab to keep Garcia at bay.

Who knew that Garcia was simply in feel out mode in the 1st round.  From round 2 on, Garcia used good spacing, body punching, and combinations to dominate Broner.  Broner simply does not throw enough punches to win rounds.

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Every time Garcia stepped in to throw, Broner stopped his offense and immediately went into defense mode.  This allowed Garcia to impose his will on Broner.  Garcia was so technically sound that even at times when he got countered by Broner, he was still in position to crack Broner with hard punches.

Broner was talking and posturing the whole fight, but nothing else.  Broner had some good moments in rounds 9 and 10 as he had Garcia in a little trouble with body shots.  It was Garcia, however, who kept his great composure and took back over the action with more combinations, hard body punching, and counterpunching.

Garcia made easy work of Broner as he cruised to a 12th round unanimous decision victory.  With the win, Garcia was awarded the WBC Diamond junior welterweight title.


Potshot Boxing (PSB) chose Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner to win by unanimous decision based on how focus Broner was leading up to the fight.  The odds makers had this fight right from the start.  Garcia was heavily favored to beat Broner, but I did not know it would be that easy for Garcia.

After the fight, Garcia expressed that his options are open. He can either stay at 140, go down to 135, or move up to 147.  He is a very versatile fighter, and now has Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) attention as cracking the Pound 4 Pound list next month.

As for Adrien Broner, if his best was tonight, then, I am not sure what the future holds for him.  Broner will always be entertaining to watch given how real he is, and his masterful trash talking.  At the moment however, I see Broner as a gatekeeper fighter.

Hopefully Broner proves all of the boxing critics wrong in the future, and get back into the great fighter’s race.  So who should Mikey Garcia fight next?  Whoever Garcia chooses next will not be a walk in the park like tonight because there are threats on all levels; 135, 140 and 147!

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