Weight Divisions for Men

There are currently 17 recognized weight divisions for men’s professional boxing.


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Weight   Divisions Pounds
Mini Flyweight (IBF/WBO)Strawweight (WBC)Minimumweight (WBA) 105 lbs
Junior Flyweight (WBO/IBF)Light Flyweight (WBA/WBC) 108 lbs
Flyweight 112 lbs
Super Flyweight (WBA/WBC)Junior Bantamweight (WBO/IBF) 115 lbs
Bantamweight 118 lbs
Super Bantamweight (WBA/WBC)Junior Featherweight (WBO/IBF) 122 lbs
Featherweight 126 lbs
Super Featherweight (WBA/WBC)Junior Lightweight (WBO/IBF) 130 lbs
Lightweight 135 lbs
Super Lightweight (WBA/WBC)Junior Welterweight (WBO/IBF) 140 lbs
Welterweight 147 lbs
Super Welterweight (WBA/WBC)Junior Middleweight (WBO/IBF) 154 lbs
Middleweight 160 lbs
Super Middleweight 168 lbs
Light Heavyweight 175 lbs
Cruiserweight (WBA/WBC/IBF)Junior Heavyweight (WBO) 200 lbs
Heavyweight 201 lbs and over


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