Tyson Fury derails the Klitschko Train!

Well the boxing world witnessed a chess match to the highest degree at the ESPRIT Arena in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen on November 28, 2015. ‘Dr. Steelhammer’ Wladimir Klitschko has never been in front of a guy who fainted and moved like Tyson Fury did in this fight.

It just seemed as though Klitschko was bothered by Fury’s movement all night long as it took him a long time to find his rhythm in the fight. This was not a real exciting fight, but at the end of the day, one fighters simply did just enough to walk away with the WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, IBO, and RING heavyweight titles.

Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko started out in the 1st round feeling each other out as Fury fainted and threw looping lefts; while Klitschko was standing like a statue trying to time Fury’s faints and movement. As round 1 continued, Fury started to land some good body shots when the 2 fighters were on the inside.

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The 1st big power punch of the night would come from the challenger as he landed a straight right hand on Klitschko as round 1 came to an end.

Klitschko started to establish his jab in round 2 as he moved the jab up and down Fury’s head and body. Fury caught Klitschko with a big right hand over the top and a nice left hand as Klitschko was coming on the inside. Tyson Fury won the 2nd round easy with body shots and right hands over the top.

In round 3, Klitschko would pick up the pace and move forward, but he was not doing anything. Klitschko’s lack of activity caused Fury to gain confidence as he clowned Klitschko by putting his hands behind his back and fainting which started to frustrate Klitschko.

Klitschko would continue to turn up the heat in round 4, but Fury stopped Klitschko’s activity with a stiff jab to the body. As round 4 continued, Klitschko would continue to try to jab his way on the inside of Fury’s jab, and would have short success as he landed a big right hand on Fury at the end of round 4. I still had Tyson Fury winning the 4th round. In fact, I had Fury winning the 1st 4 rounds of this fight.

Both fighters continued to utilize their jabs in the 5th round. Fury did some rabbit punching in this fight that got the attention of Referee Tony Weeks. As round 5 moved on, Fury would land some good shots to Klitschko’s body. Klitschko did a lot of moving forward, but it was not effective. He would manage to land a sharp right hand on Fury as round 5 came to an end.

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No one did enough body punching in this fight which made this fight, dare I say boring a fight. Fury would display more faints in round 6 as he started to land stiff left jabs on Klitschko. Klitschko just seemed bothered by Fury’s faints and movement as Fury would show his comfortability in the ring by once again putting his hands behind his back inviting Klitschko to throw punches.

Round 7 was more of Fury’s movement and faints as he continued to keep Klitschko off balanced. As the round continued, Fury used his jab to set up a vicious uppercut that got Klitschko’s attention. Fury would showboat once again by putting his hands behind his back as he dared Klitschko to throw his right hand, yet for some reason Klitschko did not.

By round 8, I had Tyson Fury winning all 7 rounds on my scorecard heading into the 8th round. With that said, Klitschko needed a knockout to keep his heavyweight titles based on my scorecard.

Fury started to land some good body shots on Klitschko in the 8th as the 2 fighters were on the inside. Klitschko landed a stiff jab on Fury, but the posturing and good movement by Fury would put yet another round in the bank for Fury.

Klitschko would take a huge stand in round 9 as he landed a big straight right hand over the top followed by another vicious right hand that stunned fury. Fury would shake off the big punches as if to say to Klitschko “You can’t hurt me.” As the round continued, Fury would spin Klitschko around and catch him with a big left hook followed by more fainting and sneaky body punches. At this point in the fight, all Fury needed to do is stay on his feet and he will be the new heavyweight champion of the world.

Fury started to double up on the jab in round 10 as he continued to befuddle Klitschko with his movement. Klitschko tried to impose his will on Fury by landing to the body, but Fury just had the better game plan on this night. As round 10 moved on, Klitschko landed a straight right hand on Fury, but Fury would answer back with a sweeping hook to Klitschko’s ribcage. Fury would land more sneaky body punches as round 10 came to an end.

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Heading into round 11, Klitschko’s trainer Johnathon Banks told him that he needed to let his hands go and go after Fury with everything he has. Klitschko would appease his trainer in round 11 by finally showing a sense of urgency as he went after Fury.

Klitschko did a lot of leaning on Fury in hopes of landing something big to end the night. Fury landed a good right hand to Klitschko’s head. The accumulation of Fury’s good jabs and power punching would create a bloody mask on Klitschko’s face.

Fury closed the 11th round with 2 big left hooks to Klitschko’s head followed by a semi-rabbit punch that got the attention of Referee Tony Weeks. Weeks took a point away from Fury with 10 seconds to go in the 11th round for rabbit punching. The round would end before either fighter could inflict any more damage.

As the final round was looming upon the boxing world, I had Tyson fury leading by a wide 9 rounds to 2 margin so if Klitschko wanted to hold on to his belts, he definitely needed to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

In round 12 Fury would get warned again by Weeks for rabbit punching as it looked as though Klitschko was leaning in to invite the rabbit punching in my humble opinion, perhaps trying to escape this dreadful fight. As the round continued, Fury would catch Klitschko with 2 big left hooks as Fury was trying not to leave this fight in the judges’ hands.

Klitschko would show championship heart as he made one last dash to try and save his heavyweight reign as he caught Fury with a big right hand that stunned him. Klitschko would follow his assault up with vicious left hooks. Fury would throw a stiff jab to try and keep Klitschko at bay, but Klitschko kept coming.

Fury would wisely clinch Klitschko to regain his faculties. Klitschko landed another vicious left hook on Fury, but Fury would hold on as he landed some more sneaky punches to the body. The 2 fighters would wobble and throw punches down the stretch as the fight came to an end.

I had Klitschko winning the final round, but I scored the bout 116 – 111 for Tyson fury. So how did the official judges score the bout?

Judge Ramon Cerdan scored the fight 116 – 111, and Judge Raul Caiz, Sr. and Judge Cesar Ramos scored the bout 115 – 112 all for the winner and New WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, IBO, and RING heavyweight champion of the world…..Tyson Fury!

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This was not a fight for the novice boxing fan to see. If you are a boxing junkie like myself, you can always take something from a fight no matter how boring or unpleasing a fight can be.

Wladimir Klitschko seemed tired. Maybe even tired of being champion. Now I am not taking anything away from Tyson Fury because he came in with a great boxing game plan, but Klitschko just seemed uninterested.

Klitschko did not do anything in this fight until the last 4 rounds of this fight. I actually would like to see a rematch only because I know that Klitschko can do better.

Now if a rematch happens, it could be the same outcome given Tyson Fury’s good movement and fainting, but come on Klitschko, you owe the boxing world an explanation for that unacceptable output you displayed on Saturday, November 28, 2015.

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