Tommy Morrison Dies at age 44

Tommy Morrison died in a Nebraska hospital on Sunday, September 2, 2013 at the age of 44 years old.  Morrison was well known for his role as “Tommy Gunn” in the 1990 movie “Rocky V” which starred Sylvester Stallone.

Morrison had a good boxing career which consisted of 48 wins, 3, losses, and 1 draw with 42 of his wins coming by way of knockout.

Tommy Morrison Dies - Potshot Boxing

Morrison did reach the pinnacle of becoming heavyweight champion of the world once in his professional boxing career when he beat George Foreman for the vacant WBO heavyweight title back in 1993.

In saying this, however, Morrison was better known for the 3 losses he suffered. Morrison’s first professional boxing loss came in 1991 when he faced Ray Mercer in a heavyweight championship fight that pitted two undefeated heavyweights in their prime to fight against one another.  In that fight, Ray Mercer was simply “Merciless” as he pounded a helpless Morrison in the corner which resulted in the referee stopping the massacre in the 5th round and Ray Mercer successfully defended his WBO Crown against Morrison.

The other two losses Morrison suffered in his boxing career came at the hands of Michael Bentt in December of 1993 when Morrison was stopped in round 1 which resulting in Morrison losing his WBO heavyweight crown; and then to the great Lennox Lewis in 1995 as Lewis  once again went into chess mode and proceeded to accurately break down Morrison which resulted in the referee stopping the fight in round 6.


Tommy Morrison had a pretty good boxing career, but besides an aging George Foreman, Morrison did not have that great name on his boxing resume to be considered a hall of fame fighter by the boxing critics.

I am not sure of how Tommy Morrison lived his life, but I do pray for his family and I hope that whatever life Morrison lived while he was on earth, he is at peace now.



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