The Marco Huck debacle produces fight of the month!

So the boxing world witnessed yet another great month of boxing action in the month of August 2015 as there were so many stoppages and drama filled fights to keep the boxing world highly entertained.  We witnessed Danny Garcia move up in weight to 147 lbs. to predictably beat up Paulie Malignaggi, Sergio Mora break a leg, Shane Mosley end the Don King drama with a knockout of Ricardo Mayorga, and an impressive Leo Santa Cruz victory over Abner Mares.

Heck, I will even throw in Antonio Tarver’s boxing action in the month of August as an honorable mention.  No matter whether these fights were competitive or one-sided, all of the fights were great. There was one fight in particular, however, that captured Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) attention given the way this fight swung like a pendulum into one fighter’s favor en route to a world title changing hands.

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PSB Fight of the Month - August 2015 - Marco Huck - Potshot Boxing

That fight was the WBO cruiserweight title fight between Marco Huck and Krzysztof Glowacki.  Both of these guys spent their entire boxing careers fighting in their native countries with Marco Huck fighting most of his fights in his homeland of Germany; and Krzysztof Glowacki fighting all of his fights in his homeland of Poland.

Well on August 14, 2015, Huck and Glowacki decided to take their talents across the waters to American soil to show introduced themselves to the American Boxing World. Marco Huck was looking to make boxing history as he had a chance to break the record for the most consecutive cruiserweight title defenses.

What Huck didn’t know is that the undefeated Glowacki had the same plans.  This fight produced all action from start to finish, high drama, and crowd pleasing excitement as the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey was treated to what could very well be the 2015 Fight of the Year.  For this reason, Potshot Boxing (PSB) chose this fight as fight of the month for August 2015.

Glowacki started out aggressive in the 1st round as he backed up Huck with right hands to the body and straight lefts over the top.  Huck started out a little cautious as it seems as if he was trying to time the aggressiveness of Glowacki.  Both fighters were a little sloppy in the 1st round, but the action never stopped.  Huck would use his body to lean on Glowacki while trying to scrape him with counter right hands.  Glowacki won the 1st round, however, with good aggression and a big right hand that got Huck’s attention at the end of the 1st round.

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In the 2nd round, Glowacki continued his attack on Huck as he threw more power punches to the body and ripped Huck with some good left hooks.  Huck still seemed reluctant to trade, but would rough up Glowacki by shoving and leaning on him when the 2 fighters were on the inside.  Glowacki would land another big left hook on the champion in the 2nd that probably swung that round in Glowacki’s favor.

Huck would open up in the 3rd round as he landed some good combinations to the head of Glowacki.  Glowacki continued to move forward and landed some big power shots of his own.  The 2 fighters stood toe to toe in the middle of the 3rd round and produced hard fiery action that jolted the Prudential Center crowd.  The action got so intense in the 3rd round that the 2 fighters had to be separated by the referee after the 3rd round ended.

After 3 rounds, I actually had the challenger Glowacki winning all 3 rounds given his effective aggression that kept Huck off balance.  I was thinking to myself, “Huck, you are trying to make boxing history tonight by being the only fighter in boxing history to defend the cruiserweight title 14 times.  You better pick it up!”

Well in the 4th round Huck did just that as he used his counter right hand to catch the aggressive Glowacki as he was coming on the inside.  Glowacki still got off some good lefts to the body on Huck in the 4th, but Huck settled down in the 4th by controlling the action in the middle of the ring with his right jab and wild hook. I had Huck winning the 4th round on my scorecard which in my eyes got Huck on the scoreboard in back in this fight.

Huck continued to whack Glowacki with good right hand shots in the 5th round while mixing in some combinations that got the crowd on their feet.  Glowacki continued to move forward, but he seemed to have slowed down a bit which allowed the combination assault of Huck to happen.  As this round went on, Huck unloaded more heavy combos on Glowacki while at one point pushing him all the way across the ring as Glowacki looked winded.  Huck easily won the 5th round on my scorecard which made this fight anybody’s fight up to this point.

The 6th round would proved to be one the best rounds in boxing this year as not Huck’s counter right, but clubbing left hand would catch Glowacki on the top of his head which sent Glowacki to the canvas for the first time in his professional boxing career.  Glowacki barely beat the count of 10 and looked like he was still out on his feet.  As the fight continued, Glowacki would fight fire with fire by landing a wild left hook on Huck that stunned him.

Both fighters would stand in the middle of the ring and trade savage shots on each other to the delight of the Prudential Center crowd as they stood on their feet!  I was thinking “how in the world are these 2 guys standing?”  What a brutal, but beautiful round 6!

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In round 7, both fighters were moving forward, but seemed to be recovering from the brutal round 6.  The fighters would produce good action in the 7th, but the only significant eye-catching punch was Glowacki landing a solid overhand left on Huck that sent him staggering back into the ropes.  The 7th was definitely a swing round for sure in my humble opinion.

The 8th round produced more suspenseful action as Glowacki backed up Huck and landed devastating combinations on him.  Huck would fight off the ropes on land some unforgiving punishment on Glowacki.  As the round continued, Huck would seized the moment that Glowacki started to rub his eye by landing another solid combination to the head of Glowacki that had him in serious trouble again.  Glowacki would continue to throw hard shots, but Huck scored a big round 8 with good combination and clean counterpunching.

By round 9, both fighters seemed tired, but continued to throw hard punches with conviction.  In round 10, Glowacki would pour on the aggression again in hopes of mounting one last attack on Huck.  Huck was having none of that in the 10th; however, as he used that vicious right to counter Glowacki at every turn of that 10th round to keep his boxing history making hopes alive.

As the 10th round was winding down, the 2 fighters were brawling so hard that Glowacki’s mouthpiece fell out of his mouth.  The referee called a timeout with 8 seconds left in the 10th, got the mouthpiece back in Glowacki’s mouth, and called for the fight to continue.  By the time the fight resumed, however, the bell sounded for the end of round number 10.

Heading into the 11th round, I had Huck ahead on my scorecard by 3 points which meant that Glowacki needed a knockout to win the fight.  So here we go Boxing World, high drama like only the sport we love called Boxing can produce!

Remember, back in the 6th round Huck had floored Glowacki and almost knocked out Glowacki in the 6th which is what makes this fight so dramatic.  In the 11th round, both fighters came out boxing as Glowacki was still the aggressor and Huck was trying to use his right jab counter Glowacki.

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Huck continued to land combinations to Glowacki’s dome while Glowacki was still on the prowl trying to produce something spectacular.  With under a minute left to go in the 11th round, Huck would land another wild combination to Glowacki’s head and Glowacki would catch Huck with a stunning hard straight right hand that sent Huck crashing to the canvas for the first time in his professional boxing career.

The shot landed by Glowacki seemed to have knocked the life out of Huck.  Huck would beat the count of 10, but Glowacki would swarm Huck immediately and land a solid right and left to Huck’s body, followed by a vicious left and right hook to Huck’s head, mixed in with a fight ending combination that almost sent Huck through the ring ropes.

That referee stopped the fight and Krzysztof ‘Diablo’ Glowacki was awarded the shocking 11th round KO victory to capture Huck’s WBO cruiserweight title and derail Marco Huck’s record breaking cruiserweight title defense party.


Well, Marco Huck and Krzysztof Glowacki both knew heading into the fight that this was their very first time fighting in the United States. What these 2 fighters did not know was that they would share another feat together which was both of them tasted canvas for the very first time in their professional boxing careers. Who knew?

This fight between Huck and Glowacki is why the sport of Boxing is so intriguing like no other sport in the world.  Glowacki was literally out on his feet in the 6th round and showed the boxing why you can never say never in the sport of boxing.

Like the great George Foreman once said during his stint as an HBO Boxing Analyst, “it ain’t in the bag, until it’s in the bag!”  The Huck vs. Glowacki fight echoes Foreman’s comments tremendously as according my scorecard and many others, all Huck had to do was stand up for rounds 11 and 12 and he probably would have captured the cruiserweight title defense record.

Well Glowacki had other plans and he did what he needed to do to stay undefeated and capture a world title.  I am not sure if Huck had a rematch clause or not, but I would love for these 2 guys to lace the glove up again and trade punches with each other on American soil for the 2nd time in their professional boxing careers.

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