The Filipino Flash captured a title and PSB’s Fight of the Month!

The Filipino Flash’ Nonito Donaire and Cesar Juarez gave the boxing world an all out slugfest as these 2 warriors left it all in the ring on December 11, 2015.  There was a vacant WBO junior featherweight title waiting at the end of the rainbow for the winner of this fight and Donaire and Juarez went after it like 2 dogs fighting over a bone.

Even at the beginning of the fight when the 2 fighters who instructed to touch gloves, Juarez popped Donaire’s gloves as if to say “It’s time to die Donaire!”

Donaire came out in the 1st round and ripped Juarez to the head with a right hook and a devastating left hook to body before fans got settled in their seats.  As the 1st round went on, Donaire kept the jab in Juarez’s face and kept crackin’ him with the right hook to the head and left hook to the body.

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Juarez tried to move forward and impose his pressure on Donaire, but Donaire looked razor sharp in the 1st round with his great counterpunching.

Juarez started off the 2nd round by landing a left hook on Donaire.  Donaire continued to time Juarez with his own left and right hooks.  As the round continued, Donaire smacked Juarez with a vicious left uppercut that momentarily wobbled Juarez.

Donaire continued to get out of the way of Juarez’s punches and countered him with hard clean shots as the 2nd round came to an end.  Round 3 was more of Juarez stalking while Donaire counterpunched.  Donaire stepped up the jab in the 3rd as he used it to see everything that Juarez was throwing at him.

Juarez rallied a bit towards the end of the 3rd round as he caught Donaire with a flurry of punches that backed up Donaire.  Donaire survived Juarez’s rally and fought on into the 4th.

In the 4th round, Juarez moved forward in hopes in landing something big on Donaire, but as he moved in on Donaire, he got caught with a huge right hand shot that sent him staggering to the canvas.  Juarez got up from the knockdown only to get countered with 2 blazing right hands and a left cross that sent him in a daze again.

Donaire went in for the kill in the 4th as he landed an unforgiving left hand that sent Juarez back to the canvas in the 4th.  Juarez got up from the 2nd knockdown and fought on bravely as he managed to back Donaire up against the ropes and threw some looping punches, though they did not affect Donaire.

Donaire closed the 4th round in amazing fashion as he continued to catch Juarez with unforgiving counterpunches that made you want to close you eyes at the brutal beaten that was taking place in front of the Puerto Rico boxing crowd.

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Juarez tried to change his game plan up in the 5th round by smothering some of Donaire’s punches while backing him up against the ropes and banging him with flurries.  Donaire, however, was still razor sharp with the counterpunching as he just could see everything that Juarez was throwing.  Left hooks, right hooks, uppercuts, everything was landing for Donaire on Juarez.

Donaire continued to showcase his defensive dominance in the 6th round as he danced and avoided a lot of Juarez’s shots while mixing in the jab to keep Juarez at bay.  Donaire did not do much in the 6th, but Juarez did not take advantage of the layoff from Donaire in that 6th round.

Donaire continued to make Juarez pay with counterpunches as he peppered Juarez at every turn in this fight.  The fight would take an awkward turn at the end of the 6th round when Donaire slipped on the canvas and turned his right ankle.

Donaire fought threw the ankle pain in the 7th as he continued to use his jab and slip Juarez’s punches.  Juarez started to turn the tide of the fight, however, as he backed Donaire up against the ropes.and successfully targeted Donaire’s body with vicious shots that Donaire could not get out of the way of due to his busted ankle.

Juarez continued to whack Donaire with clean hard shots up against the ropes in the 7th which led to him winning his 1st round on my scorecard.  These 2 fighters traded some vicious leather towards the end of round 7.

In round 8, Juarez continued his comeback in the fight as he backed up Donaire once again with effective pressure and landed some heavy shots on Donaire.  Donaire seemed a bit winded in the 8th and Juarez took advantage of Donaire’s tiredness as he moved forward and impose his will on the wilting Donaire.

Juarez pummeled Donaire with a barrage of punching against the ropes in the 8th, but Donaire would come back with a vicious right hook that led to these 2 fighters exchanging unbelievable bombs on each other as the crowd stood to their feet.  Juarez would punctuate the 8th round with a vicious uppercut to Donaire’s chin that momentarily stunned Donaire.

By round 9, both fighters looked gassed, but they continued to fight on.  In round 9, Juarez continued to try and walk Donaire down; while Donaire danced and tried to use his jab to keep Juarez at bay.  Juarez got the best of the exchanges in round 9 as Donaire found himself against the ropes again getting whacked by a Juarez flurry.

Juarez ripped Donaire with huge body shots that seemed to have zap the life out of Donaire.  Juarez continued to bring the fight to Donaire in the 10th round as he moved forward and applied unbelievable pressure on Donaire as he chipped away at Donaire’s will.  Donaire still tried to use his jab and he did land an occasional counterpunch or two on Juarez, but Juarez just kept coming.

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With blood gushing from his nose, Juarez continued to stalk Donaire in the 10th.  Juarez’s stalking would pay off as he landed a sneaky left hand on the inside that sent Donaire crashing to the canvas.  Now, the referee however, ruled the knockdown of Donaire a slip.  As the 10th round moved on, Juarez continued to attack Donaire on the ropes.

Juarez ripped Donaire with devastating body shots, but Donaire rallied late in the 10th by landing a counter right hook on the inside, followed by a crisp uppercut that back up Juarez for a moment.  With that said, Juarez still won the 10th with good effective pressure and a big left hand that sealed the round.

In round 11, Juarez tried to get the fight back on the ropes and Donaire did a great job of moving away from the ropes and landing some good counterpunches on Juarez.  Juarez followed Donaire around the ring in the 11th, but did not throw any punches.  Donaire proved to be too elusive in the 11th as he took back control of the fight in the 11th.

By round 12, I had Nonito Donaire winning the fight by 5 points so Juarez needed a knockout to capture the vacant WBO junior featherweight title in my humble opinion.  Well, Juarez gave it all he had in the 12th round as he backed Donaire against the ropes once again and landed some hard flurries that Donaire’s ankle did not allow him to get away from.

As round 12 continued, Donaire courageously fought off the ropes and started landing some counter bombs on Juarez that got the Puerto Rico crowd jumping again.  These 2 fighters traded huge shots down the stretch in the fight in order to gain the title of “The New WBO junior featherweight champion of the world.”

Juarez and Donaire gave each other a straight up beating as the fight came to an end.  This great fight would go to the judges scorecards. Judge Gerardo Martinez scored the fight 117-109 and Judges Jose Roberto Torres and Nelson Vasquez both scored the fight 116-110 all for the winner by unanimous decision and New WBO junior featherweight champion ‘The Filipino Flash’ Nonito Donaire.

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This was just a great fight!  Donaire dominated the 1st half of the fight, but the beauty of Boxing rear its beautiful head again as Donaire twisted his right ankle at the end of round 6 which almost turned the entire fight into Cesar Juarez’s favor.

You see unlike Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer where if a player gets hurt, there is another player ready to come in and relieve the injured player; in Boxing, when a fighter gets injured, there is no one to come in and relieve them.  A fighter must bite down on their mouthpiece, buckle down, and get it done on their own.

I give Nonito Donaire a lot of credit because that is exactly what he did in this fight and captured a world title in the process.  Juarez left it all in the ring as well, but at the end of the day, Donaire was just too crafty for the flat-footed Juarez.

This fight could have easily made Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) New Book  Best Fights Of 2015 (According to Potshot Boxing – PSB)!”  Boy, I may have missed the boat on this fight.


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