Sergey Kovalev is Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) 2014 Fighter of the Year

Congratulations to Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev for being chosen as Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) 2014 Fighter of the Year!

There were some other fighters that were considered for Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) 2014 Fighter of the Year, but Sergey Kovalev’s dominance of the light heavyweight division in 2014 was simply sensational.

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev started off his 2014 boxing campaign in March of 2014 when he punished undefeated light heavyweight contender Cedric Agnew in emphatic fashion to retain his WBO light heavyweight title.  Kovalev would knock down Agnew three times in this fight and ended the fight with a brutal jab to Agnew’s body.  Agnew was counted out by the referee and Kovalev was awarded the 7th round knockout victory.

2014 Fighter of the Year Sergey Kovalev - Potshot Boxing

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During the post-fight interview of the Agnew fight, Max Kellerman asked Kovalev about a possible light heavyweight showdown with Adonis “Superman” Stevenson in late 2014. Kovalev answered Kellerman by letting the boxing world know that the fight will not happen in 2014 and Stevenson is the hold up.

After the Agnew fight, Stevenson would continue his great boxing run in August of 2014 by once again putting his WBO light heavyweight title on the line against light heavyweight contender Blake Caparello.  The fight with Caparello, however, was attached with an addendum, and that was if Kovalev would get past Caparello, a light heavyweight unification showdown with Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins would be on the table.

The news of getting a fight with the great Bernard Hopkins put a lot of pressure on Kovalev heading into the fight with Caparello, and that pressure would show up early in this fight as Caparello scored a knockdown on Kovalev early in the 1st round.

Kovalev would get up off of the canvas, shake the “Hopkins fight” nerves off, and destroy Caparello in the 2nd round. Kovalev caught Caparello with a vicious body shot that sent Caparello to the canvas. Caparello would get up off the canvas only to get knocked down 2 more times as Kovalev pressured Caparello into the ropes and just beat Caparello down. The referee stopped the fight and Sergey Kovalev was awarded the 2nd round TKO victory.

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Kovalev’s impressive victory over Caparello would set up a light heavyweight unification showdown with the great Bernard Hopkins in November of 2014.

Kovalev would take his trainer’s advice and treat the great Bernard Hopkins like an old man in their WBO/WBA/IBF light heavyweight unification fight.  Kovalev would conclude his great boxing year of 2014 by putting on one of the best performances of his boxing career when he faced Bernard Hopkins.

In his fight with Hopkins, Kovalev stepped up the pace and never let Hopkins lure him into boxing traps.  Kovalev’s steady boxing pace would lead to a 1st round knockdown of Hopkins as Kovalev landed a straight right hand to the head of Hopkins that sent him to the canvas.

Kovalev would use his effective pressure to back Hopkins up the entire night as he landed hard shots to the head and body of Hopkins.

Kovalev never let Hopkins rest in any round as he continued to dismantle Hopkins.  In the end, Hopkins made the fight interesting, but this was a good one-sided fight. Kovalev shut out the great Bernard Hopkins and in the process captured Hopkins’ WBA and IBF light heavyweight titles.

Father Times finally got a victory over Bernard Hopkins, but I am not sure, however, if Hopkins is through with Father Times yet.


Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev is the real deal in boxing right now and he plans on being one of the best fighters in boxing for a long time.  Kovalev’s dominance of the light heavyweight division in 2014 was just phenomenal!

What is scary about Sergey Kovalev is that his 2015 may even be greater than his 2014.  Kovalev is already set to face Jean Pascal on March 14, 2015.  If Kovalev can get past Pascal, he will most likely meet Adonis “Superman” Stevenson for light heavyweight supremacy.

Kovalev and Stevenson are clearly the 2 best light heavyweights in boxing so the boxing world needs to see this fight in 2015.  Adonis Stevenson was chosen as Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) 2013 Fighter of the Year, Sergey Kovalev is Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) 2014 Fighter of the Year, let’s see which one of these fighters will break through and become the best light heavyweight in the world and possibly get chosen again as Potshot Boxing’s Fighter of the Year.

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