Orlando Salido stops Orlando Cruz in the 7th!!

This is a recap of the WBO featherweight championship fight between Orlando Salido and Orlando Cruz!!

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The battle of the Orlando’s ended up in a route by Orlando Salido as he simply walked through the boxer style of the challenger Orlando Cruz.

Salido just broke down Cruz the whole night as Cruz did not use his jab properly in this fight which allowed Salido to get inside and bust up Cruz every chance he got.

orlando salido vs. orlando cruz results - Potshot Boxing

Photo Credit: thesweetscience.com

The accumalation of punishment that Cruz sustained finally got to him in the 7th round when he was knocked down and out as Salido caught Cruz with a powerful right hook that sent him to the canvas and the referee stop the fight instantly.

Salido was awarded the 7th round TKO victory and is now the new WBO featherweight champion.

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