Ruslan Provodnikov vs. John Molina, Jr. Prediction

On June 11, 2016, the Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona, New York may very well be the arena that will produce this year’s fight of the year as two of the biggest blood and guts fighters will step into the ring with each other to give the boxing world a surefire slugfest.  ‘The Siberian Rocky’ Ruslan Provodnikov vs. John Molina, Jr. fight has the perfect recipe for an all-out brutal war as I expect both of these fighters to come straightforward and swing for the fences until one body drops.

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ruslan provodnikov vs. john molina, jr. prediction - Potshot Boxing

Provodnikov is not going to back down, and Molina is not going to back down. This is going to be a great fight. Boxing World, you can throw defense out of the window in this fight because there will be none.  The only thing that we are going to witness on June 11 is two guys trying to take each other’s heads off, while rearranging each other’s faces in the process. If you like blood and guts fights, then Boxing World, this one’s for you.

So who wins? Well I do not believe this fight will go the distance given how there will be no defense in this fight, so someone is sure to fall. Provodnikov and Molina both possess devastating power so it is just a matter of which fighter will impose their will on the other.  If I have to put my money on someone in this fight, however, I will have to give the edge to Provodnikov.

Prediction: ‘The Siberian Rocky’ Ruslan Provodnikov by KO

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