Roy Jones, Jr. fighting again?

The Great Roy Jones, Jr. has decided not to hang up the gloves, but rather give the boxing fans another reminder of why he is one of the best fighters ever.  At what cost though?  Does Roy Jones, Jr. really need to continue fighting?

Roy Jones, Jr. will not only be considered one of the best fighters ever when he decides to finally hang up the gloves, but he is on his way to becoming a Hall of Fame Boxing Analyst as well.  So why is Roy fighting?

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roy jones, jr. fighting again - Potshot Boxing

Will Roy Jones, Jr.’s addiction to Boxing cost him in the long run?  Well, time will definitely tell Boxing World.  Roy Jones, Jr.’s opponent will be Bobby ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Gunn.  Gunn is most known for being an undefeated Bare Knuckles Heavyweight Champion with a record of 72 and 0 with 72 knockouts.

Gunn has not been in a boxing ring since 2013 when he lost to ‘Road Warrior’ Glen Johnson in an 8 round bout.  The Roy Jones, Jr. vs. Bobby Gunn fight will take place on February 17, 2017 at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware.  There will also be a vacant WBF cruiserweight title at stake.

Roy Jones, Jr. will be 48 years old heading into this fight against Gunn.  Gunn will be heading into the fight is in his 40’s as well as he will be 43 years old when these two cagey fighters clash.  It is always great to see Roy Jones, Jr. flash his captivating reflexes in the ring, but isn’t it really time for Roy Jones, Jr. to ride off until the sunset?

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