Referee gets pummeled by young Croatian Boxer!

Here is the boxing news regarding the Croatian boxer Vido Loncar’s assault of a referee after losing a boxing match!

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The European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia witnessed a little more than boxing in a light-heavyweight fight when Croatian boxer Vido Loncar was facing off against Lithuanian boxer Algirdas Baniulis.

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In this fight, Loncar was clearly losing the fight as the referee was giving him a standing count in a neutral corner. The referee asked Loncar if he was okay. Loncar nodded to let the referee know that he was okay so the fight continued.

When the fight continued Baniulis landed a barrage of combination punches to the head of Loncar. Loncar was not really responding back so this prompted the referee to separate the 2 fighters and start the count on Loncar again. Loncar looked unresponsive to the count so the referee stopped the fight and Baniulis was going to be awarded the victory.

The referee would then escort Loncar back to his corner and the 2 fighters were starting to take off their boxing gear in their respective corners. As Loncar was getting his gear taken off of him, you can see for a split-second that he glared over at the referee in disgust, but I didn’t expect to see what happened next.

After the 2 fighters got their boxing gloves and head gear taken off, the referee called the 2 fighters to the middle of the ring and that’s when all mayhem broke loose! The referee and Baniulis were waiting for Loncar to come out of his corner to meet them. When Loncar got to the middle of the ring, he blasted the referee with a vicious right hand shot that sent the referee crashing down to the canvas.

Loncar would stand over the helpless referee and pummel him with more brutal shots. Baniulis left the ring as soon as Loncar connected the vicious blow on the referee. Loncar would continue to pummel the referee until someone from outside of the ring got a hold of Loncar’s leg and dragged him out of the ring.

Some officials that were outside of the ring came to the aid of the referee to make sure that he was okay.

For his actions, Vido Loncar will face a long ban from the sport of boxing.

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From the looks of the video, it seemed as though Loncar was getting beat pretty bad. Of course, these are the Youth Boxing Championships so getting beat pretty bad does not mean that Loncar was brutally getting beat up, but it did look like Baniulis had taken control of the fight in a big way by using combination punching. This would force the referee to stop the fight.

There are a lot of instances in professional boxing where fighters wanted to take a referee’s head off for a bad decision made in the ring. Case in point, Zab Judah tried to choke referee Jay Nady after his junior welterweight championship bout with Kostya Tszyu back in November 2001 because he felt that Nady stopped the fight too soon.

You cannot, however, pummel a referee into the canvas like Loncar did to this referee. Loncar is still young, so I hope that he will learn from his actions. There is no place in the sport of boxing for that kind of behavior in the ring.

Again, Loncar is still a young man so he has time to grow and move on. It is unfortunate, however, that this old referee had to take unnecessary shots from Loncar though.

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