Potshot Boxing’s Fight of the Month – March 2014

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo

March 8, 2014 produced a great fight between two all-action warriors that simply lived up to the hype of it’s fight theme “Toe to Toe” as Canelo Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo stood right in front of each other and landed heavy artillery the entire night.

Canelo vs. Angulo - Potshot Boxing

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Canelo was headed into the Showtime Pay-Per-View showdown looking to get back on track after getting a boxing lesson from the Pound for Pound King Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; while Angulo was looking to derail the Canelo comeback in hopes of scoring the biggest win of his professional boxing career.

Going into the fight, boxing fans knew that these two fighters were not going to run from each other so the anticipation for this all-action extravaganza was through the roof!

The beginning of the fight did not disappoint as Canelo came out throwing huge bombs that backed up Angulo as Angulo looked to try and be the boxer early on.

As the fight went on Canelo continued to use his quick jabs, devastating combinations,  and uppercuts to punish Angulo as  Angulo stayed in the pocket and threw some good jabs and power punches of his own on Canelo as Angulo was willing to deal with the unbelievable onslaught of Canelo.

Canelo’s speed also gave Angulo a lot of trouble in this fight as Canelo landed so many quick jabs, hooks, and sometime even double hooks and jabs on Angulo as Angulo just could not get off fast enough to combat the Canelo offense.

Angulo had his moments in the fight during the middle of the fight when Canelo’s pace seemed to slow down as Angulo started to land his own combinations and power shots on Canelo.

The 8th round of this fight was big time  and probably one of the best rounds of 2014 as both Angulo and Canelo dished out some serious punishment on each other as Angulo rocked Canelo with some huge bombs; and Canelo came back and landed some great combination shots on Angulo.  These two fighter simply stood in front of each other and traded brutal power shots like crazy on each other in the 8th as the two fighters were talking to each other in the ring; encouraging each other to bring the pain.

After the brilliant 8th round, the fight came to a screeching halt in the 10th round when Canelo landed a vicious left uppercut to the head of Angulo and when referee Tony Weeks saw how Angulo’s head snapped back from the vicious Canelo shot, he stopped the fight to the dismay of the MGM Grand crowd.

Canelo was awarded the 10th round TKO victory, thus Canelo is back!!


This question of the night for this fight was whether or not referee Tony Weeks should have stopped the fight or not?…..Well on one hand you can answer YES to the question given the accumulation of punishment that Angulo sustained the entire night; but then on the other hand you can answer the question NO given the fact that like Angulo’s trainer Virgil Hunter said after the fight; Angulo was coming on strong down the stretch of the fight and one big uppercut by Canelo should not have prompted Weeks to stop the fight.

No matter whether Weeks was wrong for stopping the fight or not, at the end of the day it is the referee’s job to protect the fighter, even if it is protecting the fighter from himself as that seemed to be the case on March 8.  Angulo took a lot of brutal leather in that fight and sometimes you have to stop the fighter because a fighter like Angulo will fight on until there is nothing left if he is allowed to.

Canelo put on an outstanding performance against a fighter that simply stood in front of him and allowed him to inflict unbelievable punishment.

With the win the “New Golden Boy” Alvarez is back on track and ready to continue his rise as one of the best fighters in the world.

As for Angulo, he is a winner regardless because his style of fighting gets the boxing world’s juices flowing so as long as Angulo wants to fight, the boxing world will be more than happy to watch Angulo fight!!


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