POTSHOT BOXING Fight Prediction: Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell vs. Cristobal “Nightmare” Arreola

Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell, (26-1-1, 19 KO’s) vs. Cristobal “Nightmare” Arreola. (35-3-0, 30 KO’s.)What a nice fight the boxing world will get a chance to witness as both of these fighters have a lot to gain and a lot to loss as the winner will get back into the heavyweight title hunt, while the loser will have to wait a while before a heavyweight championship comes a knockin’.

One shot can definitely win the night for either fighter as both of these fighters have devastating knock out power.

Arreola vs. Mitchell Prediction - Potshot Boxing

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I expect for Mitchell to throw a lot of jabs and counterpunches in this fight to keep the over aggressive Arreola at bay.  If this fight goes into deep waters; and when I say deep waters I mean the 4th or 5th round in heavyweight language, I expect for both of these fighters to start to wear down; Mitchell more so than Arreola.

This fight is simply going to rely on whether or not Mitchell can box his way to victory; or if Arreola can impose his will on Mitchell.  This is one of those fights that I would consider a tossup so since this is the case in this fight, I will choose the imposing will.

Arreola by 6th Round Knockout


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