Potshot Boxing Fight Prediction – Andre Berto vs. Jesus Soto Karass

Hmmm………….who will win this fight; “The Beast” Andre Berto or Jesus “El Renuente” Soto Karass?  Well I am not sure which way to go with this fight because it will be up to Berto as far as how bad he wants to win this fight.

Andre Berto vs. Jesus Soto Karass Prediction - Potshot Boxing

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Soto Karass is going to be in Berto’s grill the whole entire night for however long the fight goes so Berto will have a lot of opportunities to circle around the ring and make the aggressive Soto Karass pay for every time he tries to crowd him.  It should be easy right?  The problem is that lately Berto has been brawling with his opponents instead of using his good not great defense to keep opponents at bay thus; it has caused Berto to lose two out of his last three fights.

Soto Karass will be there for Berto to take out given Soto Karass’ aggressive style, but if somehow Soto Karass can lure Berto into a rough and rugged fight, like Berto has been lured into his last three or four fights, then in my opinion Soto Karass will have a tremendous shot at pulling off the upset in this fight because as we have seen in the past, Berto can give it, but when he takes a lot of punishment and circum to pressure, he can wilt, thus giving Soto Karass the opportunity to finish him.

So who will win this fight?  I expect for Berto to start off cautious by boxing and using his decent defense to be a matador to Soto Karass as I expect Soto Karass to come out swingin’.  As the fight picks up however, I expect for Berto to apply effective pressure of his own to Soto Karass and finish the fight inside of twelve rounds.

Berto by 9th Round Technical Knockout  


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