Pacquiao vs. Horn: Sometimes TV can be bad for your ears!

Wow!  Manny Pacquiao overcame two cuts to the head, had Jeff Horn nearly stopped in the 9th round, and somehow, someway the judges gave the fight to Jeff Horn.  Now, I give Jeff Horn a lot of credit for bringing the fight to Manny Pacquiao, but in the end, this kid simply did not win in my humble opinion.

Jeff Horn brought unbelievable aggression to Manny Pacquiao last night, and yes Boxing World, he did actually crack Pacquiao with that right hand I was taking about.  Pacquiao, however, cracked Horn with the straight left hand all night long and simply took advantage of Horn’s aggressive with clear counter-punches to the head.

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The only mistake Pacquiao made in this fight was not going to the body enough.  If Pacquiao would have invested more to the body, then the robbery would have never taken place given that Pacquiao would have gotten Horn out of there a lot sooner.

I guess the judges scored Horn’s aggression which gave him the victory, but I just feel he did not win the fight.  Horn was aggressive, but Pacquiao was more effective.  Nevertheless, Horn was awarded the controversial 12th round unanimous decision victory to take the WBO welterweight strap from the PacMan.


After the fight, Horn and Pacquiao expressed they would like to exercise the rematch clause that was in the contract.  With that said, this will give Pacquiao a chance to stop Horn the next time out by investing to the body more.  At least I hope so.

In any case, again, you have to give credit to Horn for bringing the fight to Pacquiao all night long, but I am sorry Boxing World, the wrong guy was awarded the fight.

So, what do you think boxing world?  Is TV bad for your ears sometimes or do you feel that Jeff ‘The Hornet’ Horn really won this fight?  Check out Potshot Boxing’s latest boxing poll and vote?  Also, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post stating why you feel Horn won this fight or not.

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