Nonito stops Darchinyan in 9th round!!

Here is a recap of the Nonito Donaire vs. Vic Darchinyan fight!!

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The Nonito Donaire/Vic Darchinyan fight started off with both fighters boxing very cautious and tentative to throw punches as these fighters respected what each one brought to the table.

Nonito looked a little off during the fight as he kept getting caught by Darchinyan’s straight left hand the whole night and it also looked like Darchinyan’s speed bothered Nonito as well.  Nonito did enough to win the early rounds, but as the fight went on Darchinyan’s speed and accurate punching started to take over the fight as Darchinyan’s controlled aggression and combination punches seemed to cause a lot of problems for Donaire.

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Now comes the 9th round!!  Going into the 9th round, Donaire did not know it at the time, but the judges had the fight scored unanimously in Darchinyan’s favor, thus, Nonito needed a knockout to win the fight.  Donaire did not disappoint his training camp and the boxing world as once again, Donaire caught Darchinyan with a vicious left hook which sent Darchinyan storming to the canvas.

Darchinyan managed to beat the 10 count, but  he was on super shaky legs, and there was a lot of time left on clock in round 9 which allowed Donaire to go in for the kill and that is exactly what Donaire did as he ripped Darchinyan with hard power shots.

The referee ended up stopping the fight in the 9th round as Donaire landed a barrage of hard punches and ended the barrage with a devastating left uppercut that really got the referee’s attention and prompted the referee to stop the fight.

Donaire was awarded the 9th round TKO victory, thus, pulling himself out of the fire of boxing oblivion as he was definitely teetering towards losing his top 10 pound for pound status as he was down on the judges scorecards!!


Donaire scored a thrilling 9th round TKO victory and lightning did strike twice in this rematch with Darchinyan; however, if Donaire thinks that he is going to challenge Rigondeaux in his next fight like he stated he wanted to in the post-fight interview, then he has another thing coming because if he can get caught with that many from Darchinyan who is not really an accurate puncher, imagine the punishment he is going to receive against a defensive specialist such as Rigondeaux.

It is good to see Nonito back in the sport of boxing, though.  It is good for boxing and boxing fans.  I hope Nonito get back to the Nonito of old and not having to score prayer type knockouts due to being down on points in a fight.

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