Manny Pacquiao reclaims WBO Welterweight Title!!

Manny Pacquiao used his aggressive style to wear down Bradley as this time the judges got it right by picking the correct fighter as the winner of the fight.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley 2 - Potshot Boxing

Photo Credit: Top Rank Boxing @trboxing

Bradley started the fight out boxing Pacquiao well, but as the fight carried on Bradley threw his fight game plan out the window as it seemed as though Bradley wanted to try and knock out Pacquiao as he threw a lot of punches at Pacquiao that had serious power on them.

Bradley played right into the hands of Pacquiao tonight as Bradley brawled with Pacquiao and I give credit to Bradley for hanging in the fight with Pacquiao early, but trying to brawl with Pacquiao is simply suicide for a fighter that does not have the artillery to bother Pacquiao.

The fight was even going into round 7 and that’s when the fight completely turned around as Brsdley looks gassed out from round 7 on; and Pacquiao started to land that devastating straight left hand at will on Bradley as Pacquiao did a great job in the second half of the fight using his awkward angles to simply turn Bradley for the reminder of the fight.

Bradley looked dazed and out of sorts for the remainder of the fight as Pacquiao was simply stayed focus at the task at hand and close the show in PacMan fashion.

Pacquiao was awarded the 12th round unanimous decision victory, thus reclaiming his WBO welterweight title and handing Bradley the first professional boxing loss of his career.


After the fight, Max Kellerman asked Manny Pacquiao what was next for him, and Pacquiao stated that he will leave that up to Bob Arum which is his promoter.

At this point, I believe that there are only two directions that Manny can go in; one is another fight with the great Juan Manuel Marquez or the obvious; Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr.  Bob Arum, please pick the obvious!!

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