Manny Pacquiao gets dropped by Nike!

Nike terminated Manny Pacquiao’s contract after Pacquiao made some homophobic slurs doing a television interview.  Pacquiao is currently running for the senate in the Philippians and he is a Christian which may be why he made those derogatory comments about homosexuals.

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manny pacquiao gets dropped by Nike - Potshot Boxing

Pacquiao did apologize for his comments, but he stood by his opinion on homosexuals.  Nike found Pacquiao’s comments to be highly discriminating, thus, they terminated Pacquiao’s contract.

Boxing World, what do you think about Manny Pacquiao’s stand against homosexuals?  Is it just his prerogative to have an opinion or did he deserve to get dropped by Nike?  Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Should Manny Pacquiao have gotten dropped by Nike?

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