Maidana defeats Broner in a stunning upset!!

Well who knew, except for maybe Marcos Maidana and his camp, that he would pull off the upset of the year!!

Broner vs. Maidana Upset - Potshto Boxing

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Maidana was successful in using his effective pressure and boxing to wear down Broner in this fight.  The one key caveat in this fight was Maidana’s unbelievable work rate on the body of Broner.  Not only did Maidana use his pressure to throw off any defense that Broner would use against it, but Maidana made it his business to throw combinations to the head and body when the two fighters were in close; especially to the body.

Broner tasted the canvas for the first time in his professional boxing career in the 2nd round, and then for the second time in his career in the 8th.  Maidana had a point taken away from him in the 8th round as well when he used his head to foul Broner, but even the point deduction did not discourage Maidana as he was just gamed and ready to take Broner’s WBA welterweight title.

Broner had his moments in the fight as he landed some good counterpunches on Maidana to try and keep that aggressive onslaught of Maidana’s at bay, but Maidana just kept coming.

I give Broner a lot of credit for fighting Maidana in this fight when he was clearly getting overwhelmed by the combination punching and pressure of Maidana.

In the 12th round, Broner made a huge surge as he almost got to Maidana with some hard punches, but Maidana proved strong as he closed the show fighting Broner every inch of the way, every second of every round, and he never gave Broner a chance to come back in this fight.

Maidana was awarded the 12th round unanimous decision victory and he is now the new WBA welterweight champion.  Adrien Broner taste defeat for the first time in his professional boxing career.


This is the type of fight that can effect an up and coming fighter like Adrien Broner one or two ways.  Either the fighter is mentally checked out of boxing for the rest of his professional boxing career and never find his way back to superstardom, or a fighter will use the loss as fuel to further continue his quest to become one of the very best in the boxing world.

I am choosing the latter for Adrien “The Problem” Broner; I believe he will bounce back from the shocking loss and use this fight with Maidana as a humbling experience and get back to the basics and continue his quest to become one of the best fighters in the world.


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