Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. survives Vera and receives a controversial unanimous decision victory!!

In a fight that looked like a close fight; maybe even a fight that Brian Vera won, Julio Chavez, Jr. was awarded the unanimous decision victory.

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Vera seemed to control the fight early on, and he actually did take a page from Sergio Martinez’s game plan by applying pressure to Chavez, Jr. early on in the fight and piling up the rounds, but in the end, I guess the judges looked at the power punching of Chavez, Jr. instead of the incredible work rate of Brian Vera.

Tonight’s fight was a very close fight and the judges who scored this fight scored the fight so lopsided tonight that is just does not make any sense in my opinion.  If you score that fight for Chavez, Jr., then at least give Vera the respect of scoring the fight close because in my opinion this fight should have either been scored a draw or a close unanimous decision victory for Vera.

In any case, Vera gained some new found boxing fans tonight, while Chavez Jr. may find himself being ridiculed even more by the boxing critics once again as many people tonight feel that he did not win this fight tonight.

Hopefully Vera will be granted a rematch with Chavez, Jr. in the future so that we can see if Vera can prove to the boxing world that he can do that to Chavez, Jr. again, meanwhile, Chavez, Jr. simply needs to take boxing more seriously because he looked like he did not train correctly for this fight.

Greatest Boxing Stories Ever Told: Thirty-Six Incredible Tales From The Ring


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