Joe Smith, Jr. spoiled Bernard Hopkins farewell fight!

Wow!  Just when you thought the sport of Boxing could not get any more dramatic, the unthinkable happens.  Bernard ‘The Alien’ Hopkins gets knocked out!  Yes, Boxing World, this is not a dream.  Bernard Hopkins got knocked out for the first and last time in his professional boxing career.

It was clear in round 1 in his final fight with Joe Smith, Jr. that Father Times poked one last jab at Hopkins, proving that Father Times will always win at some point.  Heading into the fight, Hopkins was coming off of a 25-month layoff and showed flashes of the old B-Hop, but got careless when the fight ended.

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joe smith, jr. knocks out bernard hopkins - Potshot Boxing

Joe Smith, Jr. threw every punch with bad intentions as his power was evident in this fight.  As the fight moved on, however, it did seemed as though Hopkins was starting to control the pace of the fight, and before Hopkins hit that concrete floor outside of the ring, you just knew that Hopkins would once again bag up the late rounds en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Smith had other plans in the 8th round, however, as he cracked Hopkins with a big right hand, followed by a vicious left hook that sent Hopkins crashing head first out of the ring.  It was a scary moment at ringside as the Forum boxing crowd watched with bated breath to see if Hopkins would make it back into the ring.

Now, because Hopkins was knocked out of the ring by Smith, Hopkins had 20 seconds to get back into the ring and fight.  Hopkins was still trying to figure out where he was as the referee reached the count of 20.

Joe Smith, Jr. was awarded the 8th round knockout victory over the Legendary Bernard Hopkins, which is by far the biggest win of young Smith’s professional boxing career.


After the fight, Hopkins claimed that Smith pushed him out of the ring.  I hate to say it, but the only thing that pushed B-Hop out of the ring was Smith’s powerful right and left hands shots.

I am still in shock that the great B-Hop’s boxing career ended like that.  Like a retirement party deferred.  If this is the final chapter for Bernard Hopkins, Potshot Boxing (PSB) would like to thank B-Hop for all of the great memories he provided for Boxing.

He will truly be missed as a fighter, but looking forward to Hopkins continuing to be a great boxing analysis that we can all appreciate and respect.  As for Joe Smith, Jr., let’s pumped the break on him a little bit.

He beat an almost 52-year-old B-Hop, who actually had a chance to win the fight if the fight would have gone the distance.  I give Smith a lot of credit for taking the fight out of the judges’ hands, but Smith is not ready for the top fighters at 175.  I am looking forward, however, to see what Joe Smith, Jr. can do in the future.

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