Intense “Face Off” between Pacquiao and Bradley!!

Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao and Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley sat down with Max Kellerman on HBO’s Face Off with Max Kellerman to discuss their upcoming rematch on April 12, 2014 and things got a little more heated than usual.

Max did a great job interviewing these two fighters as he ask the very questions that the boxing world wanted answers to, such as did Bradley really think he won the first fight; and also if Manny Pacquiao still have the same fire to step into the ring and blow away fighters like he did in the past.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 Face Off - Potshot Boxing

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The interview started off with Max asking Pacquiao was he satisfied with his last fight against Brandon “BamBam” Rios  and Pacquiao stated that he was not only satisfied with his performance against Rios, but he proved that he can still fight.  Bradley critiqued Pacquiao last performance; stating that Pacquiao did not finish Rios like he usually finish fighters in the past.

Kellerman went on to show a clip from the first fight between Pacquiao and Bradley; which was the post-fight interview with Bradley after Bradley was awarded the controversial decision.  In the clip Max asked Bradley to explain how he and his camp was looking as though they lost the fight given that many had Pacquiao winning the fight, including everyone at ringside.  Bradley answered Max in the clip by saying that he would have to go home and review the the tape.

Back to the Face Off interview…..

After showing Bradley and Pacquiao the post-fight footage from their first meeting, Bradley told Max and Pacquiao that he reviewed the footage and that after further review, he felt that he won the first fight between he and Pacquiao 8 rounds to 4.  Wow!!  That was a shock to the boxing world for Bradley to truly believe that he won 8 rounds over Manny Pacquiao in that first fight given that 49 out of 50 reporters thought Bradley lost the first fight against Pacquiao.

As the interview between Bradley and Pacquiao continued on; things started to heat up when Bradley told Pacquiao that in the rematch he will have to knock him out to win.  Pacquiao also feels that in order for Bradley to win the rematch he too will have to knock him out.

Bradley claims that in the first fight that he did not have his legs under him and that he is a much better fighter now than when he fought Pacquiao the first time out.  Bradley also claims that Pacquiao is not the same fighter that he used to be and that seemed to have ruffled Pacquiao’s feathers a little bit as Pacquiao stated that he is not done yet.

Bradley continue to talk about Pacquiao for the remainder of the interview; not so much in a negative way, but more of a critiquing way, as Bradley continued to say that Pacquiao’s fire is gone and though he respects Pacquiao, it is just his time.  Pacquiao went on to say that his time is not up and he left Max Kellerman, Timothy Bradley, and the entire boxing world with one wise tidbit: “Those who humble themselves will be exalted; and those who exalt themselves will be humble.”  Wow…the Great Manny Pacquiao!!


This is going to be a great fight come April 12, 2014.  Both Bradley and Pacquiao will have something to prove going into the rematch as Bradley needs to prove to the boxing world that he did not get a “gift” decision the last time out; while Manny Pacquiao needs to prove to the boxing world that he still has the passion and desire to fight in the ring.

With all of the controversy from the first fight between Bradley and Pacquiao; and with all of the transgressions that these two fighters went through leading up to the rematch; this Pay-Per-View rematch should sell itself.

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