GGG vs. Jacobs Prediction!

Boxing World, the middleweight showdown is almost here!  The Mecca of Boxing Madison Square Garden in New York will be the scene of GGG vs. Daniel Jacobs.  This fight has the potential to be the best Pay-Per-View extravaganza in 2017!

This is by far going to be GGG biggest test as Jacobs will be heading into the ring on March 18, 2017 to take GGG’s WBC, WBA, IBF, and RING middleweight gold.  Jacobs will not lay down for GGG in this fight.

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Jacobs has all of the tools to shock the world on Saturday night, but what we will all find out is how much power does Jacobs really possess.  We know GGG has true power.  Can Jacobs crack GGG and put him in serious trouble?  So many questions, but only Saturday night will provide the answers.

This matchup between Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin, (36-0-0, 33 KOs) and Daniel ‘Miracle Man’ Jacobs, (32-1-0, 29 KOs) is going to be a much closer contest than a lot of people are expecting.  Jacobs is a good boxer with a great Boxing IQ so he going to take his time in the ring against GGG.

GGG is going to have to be smart in this fight because if Jacobs’ power is found to be lethal, it can actually be a short night for GGG if Jacobs can touch him on the chin.  Both fighters have power so I am not going to get into who has the reach advantage, etc.  This fight is going to boil down to which fighter can stay smart and not get too reckless.

I expect both fighters to bring their Boxing IQs to the ring on Saturday night.  Both fighters respect one another so this is why no matter who wins this fight, it is going to elevate both fighters.  With that said, I expect for this fight to turn into a barn-burner after round 3.

After round 3, the chess match will cease and the real banging will begin.  GGG is going to get tested in this fight.  I expect for Jacobs to give as good as he takes which can make for a hard night for GGG.  GGG will be ready for Jacobs, just like he was ready for David Lemieux.

When GGG truly respects his opponent, it brings out the best in him, and most importantly, his awareness goes through the roof.  For this reason, as much as I would not be surprise if Daniel Jacobs shocks the world on Saturday night, I just have a feeling that GGG will rise to the occasion and once again put the boxing world on notice as to why he is one of the most feared and best fighters in the sport.

One other caveat, we have seen Jacobs knocked out before and I do not expect this fight to go the distance.

Does Daniel Jacobs have any chance of upsetting GGG?

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Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin by knockout

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