Frampton vs. Santa Cruz gets Fight of the Month Nod!

Here is Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) Fight of the Month for July of 2016!

The boxing schedule for the month of July was filled with all types of superstar action. The boxing world witnessed the continued rise of Deontay ‘The Bronze Bomber’ Wilder and Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford.

Sergey ‘Krusher’ Kovalev also took care of business in July to secure his date with Andre ‘S.O.G.’ Ward. The boxing world, however, would have to wait until the end of July to witness the best fight in July of 2016.

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That fight was the WBA featherweight title fight between Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton and ‘El Terremoto’ Leo Santa Cruz on. On July 30, 2016, the Barclays Center was electric as Frampton and Santa Cruz supporters chanted and screamed sweet melodies the entire night.

Both fighters were eager to take control in the first 2 rounds of this fight, but it was Frampton who would give the Barclays Center boxing crowd the first big excitement in the fight. In the 2nd round, Frampton landed a huge left hook on Santa Cruz that sent Santa Cruz staggering back into the ropes.

Santa Cruz came back with huge unforgiving power shots to Frampton’s body. In round 3, Santa Cruz continued to stalk Frampton as he tried to walk down the slick Frampton. Santa Cruz managed to land some straight right hands on Frampton, but Frampton came right back with a solid counter uppercut that got the Barclays Center crowd jumping out of their seats.

Santa Cruz stormed back in round 4 with more great body work and banging hooks to take the round, but neither fighter gave the other an inch in this fight. It was a phone booth for most of the fight.

Frampton started off round 5 with a crisp counter right hand over Santa Cruz’s jab. Frampton did a great job in the 5th round jumping in and out to get his shots off. Santa Cruz continued his assault on Frampton’s body. Frampton caught Santa Cruz with eye-popping counterpunches that made the 5th round an easy fight to score for the judges.

Both fighters continued to apply pressure on each other in round 6, but it was Frampton who used Santa Cruz’s aggression against him. As round 6 continued, Frampton and Santa Cruz stood in the middle of the ring and exchanged heart-stopping punches to the delight of the boxing world.   Santa Cruz close the 6th by landing multiple combinations to Frampton’s head and body.

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Santa Cruz continued to move forward in round 7 as he ripped Frampton’s body with more body shots. Frampton invited Santa Cruz’s pressure in order to land the crisp counterpunches.

Frampton won the 7th round with some good clean boxing. Frampton and Santa Cruz stayed on the inside of each other for the first minute of the 8th round. They banged on each other’s bodies so hard that my television moved once again.

Frampton smarty backed out of the phone booth with Santa Cruz and started back peppering him with accurate counterpunches. Frampton punctuated the 8th round with a solid counter left hook. Now you would have thought after all of the non-stop action through 8 rounds, one of these fighters would have wilted by now, but that was not the case.

Round 9 produced more of the same non-stop action as Santa Cruz landed a huge straight right on Frampton; and Frampton landed another great left hook on Santa Cruz. These 2 warriors were smothering each other with pressure and punishment.

Round 10 started off with Frampton and Santa Cruz cracking each other with hard lefts and rights to the head. As round 10 continued, Santa Cruz landed a great uppercut on Frampton, but Frampton kept coming. Santa Cruz continued to throw the one, two on Frampton to keep Frampton at bay.

In round 11, Santa Cruz started out the round by landing more crushing body blows on Frampton’s ribcage. Frampton decided to get back on the inside and brawl with Santa Cruz as the 2 fighters just whaled on each other.

As round 11 continued, Santa Cruz landed a big right hook on Frampton that momentarily stopped Frampton in his tracks. Frampton would come back with hard shots to Santa Cruz’s ribcage that sounded off the Barclays Center walls. Frampton and Santa Cruz finished the last minute of round 11 beating each other up on the inside.

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They just landed bombs on each other. More bone-crushing shots would land for Frampton and Santa Cruz as that brutal round 11 came to an end. In the final round, both guys came out pressing as if their lives depended on it.

These 2 fighters ripped each other with hard combinations as Frampton motioned to Santa Cruz as if to say “Come on!” Neither one of these fighters wilted down the stretch. Frampton and Santa Cruz would give the Barclays Center a final act to remember as they traded vicious leather for the last minute of this fight.

This 2016 Fight of the Year Candidate bout would go to the judges’ scorecards and Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton was awarded the 12th round majority decision victory. With the win, Frampton captured the WBA featherweight title.


The Leo Santa Cruz vs. Carl Frampton fight deserved to be chosen as Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) Fight of the Month for July of 2016. This fight was the smaller version of the Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter fight.

Santa Cruz did in this fight with Frampton exactly what Shawn Porter did in his fight with Keith Thurman; and that was leaned in head first. As a result of jumping inside, Santa Cruz gave Frampton plenty of chances to counter him with punches that were easy for the judges to see.

Now, this fight was closer than some people give it credit for, but the judges got the winner of the fight correct. I would love to see Frampton and Santa Cruz get it on again, however, it may be a different result the next time out.

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