Floyd Mayweather’s Next Fight!!

What’s next for the pound for pound king?

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather put on one of his best performances last Saturday night as he used his defense and effective counterpunching to outclass the up and coming Saul “Canelo” Alvarez en route to unifying the WBA (Super) and WBC junior middleweight titles.

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This fight should give Floyd the sought out credit that he has been looking for from the boxing critics as the boxing world cannot say that Canelo was too small or that Canelo was not worthy enough to fight Floyd.

The boxing world built up Canelo as the next “Golden Boy,” and technically I believe he will still be just that in the future, but if you do not know much about boxing, the novice fan would believe that finally, here is a guy in Canelo that is ready to take the crown away from Mayweather, while those of us who know boxing, knew better than that.

Sure, Canelo is a young… big… strong junior middleweight fighter so I can see why a lot of boxing fans believed that he could beat Floyd, but after watching Canelo, I saw some flaws before Canelo fought Floyd last Saturday that let me know that Floyd would only be willing and able to take advantage of those flaws that Canelo possess, i.e. Canelo standing straight up when he fights just to name a few.

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Now that Floyd has gotten past what most people will say was his biggest test ever; I would say that this fight turned out to be one of his easiest fights ever. So what’s next for Floyd?

I have 5 potential opponents that should be a line for a shot at the pound for pound king in his next fight.

The number 5 fighter that should be next in line for a shot at Floyd Mayweather: Devon Alexander “The Great”

Devon Alexander is the current IBF welterweight champion and he realistically maybe the next fight for Floyd Mayweather if Devon can get past Amir Khan in December of this year. This is not really the fight that most boxing fans would like to see Floyd Mayweather in, but this fight make sense for Mayweather because he actually fought 2 times this year so he can use a fight with Devon Alexander as a tune up fight for something greater.


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I do not believe that Alexander can beat Floyd Mayweather because if this fight were to actually happen, Alexander will try and box with Mayweather and that will be a mistake as I see Mayweather winning this fight easy.

The number 4 fighter that should be next in line for a shot at Floyd Mayweather: Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley

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Timothy Bradley is the current undefeated WBO welterweight champion who regardless of how some of his past fights turned out; from the controversial win over Manny Pacquiao; to his last fight with Russian Ruslan Provodnikov, he has earned the right to take a shot at the pound for pound puzzle that is Floyd Mayweather.


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Bradley does, however, have a tough assignment coming up next month against the great Juan Manuel Marquez, but if Marquez happens to give Bradley the first loss of his professional boxing career, who in the world would want to see an encore of Marquez getting beat so badly by Floyd Mayweather, that his trainer, the great Nacho Beristain told him in between rounds to go out there and do it for his dignity. Bradley should get a shot.

The number 3 fighter that should be next in line for a shot at Floyd Mayweather: Austin “No Doubt” Trout

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Yes, yes, yes, Austin “No Doubt” Trout has all of the tools to give Floyd Mayweather all he can handle if given the opportunity as Trout is a true junior middleweight; he is a fighter who I feel beat Canelo Alvarez despite getting knocked down in the fight; and he has a great jab that can set up some hard punches to Mayweather when it is time to mix it up.


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Trout also has a win over Miguel Cotto; a fighter that gave Mayweather a whole lot of trouble when he fought Mayweather. A fight between Mayweather and Trout would be great, but the only problem that I see with this fight is that a lot of novice boxing fans do not really know who Austin Trout is yet, but boxing world, trust me, you will the name Austin “No Doubt” Trout for years to come.

The number 2 fighter that should be next in line for a shot at Floyd Mayweather: Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez

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Sergio Martinez is the current WBC and Ring middleweight champion. Sergio has been calling out Floyd for a while and here is a fighter in Martinez who can fight on the inside and outside. Martinez has good defense as he boxes most of the time with his hands down which can be a good thing sometimes in boxing as boxing with your hands down can retain energy.


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Sergio is definitely big enough for Floyd….maybe too big, but if these two fighters can meet at a catch weight of 154 pounds, then I believe this fight can be even bigger than the Mayweather/Canelo fight because there is a possibility that Floyd can lose to Sergio if Sergio applies effective pressure and do not run out of gas.

Drum roll………the number 1 fighter that should be next in line for a shot at Floyd Mayweather: Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao.

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The biggest fight in boxing history between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao can still be made and the entire boxing world still wants to see it. Let’s remember, in the PacMan’s last fight, he indeed got knocked out by the great Juan Manuel Marquez, and that counter right hand shot that Pacquiao took was not an accident as Marquez is a great calculating counterpuncher, but, before the Pacquiao knockout, Pacquiao was winning the fight going away and in round 5, it got brutal for Marquez as he took so much punishment from Pacquiao in that round that I thought that the referee was going to step in and stop the fight in round 5.


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If Pacquiao can get past Brandon Rios in November, and I believe he will do so given that Rios is just like his friend Antonio Margarito, a walking heavy bag; then I think the biggest fight in boxing history should happen in May of 2014.

Here are some honorable mentions that should be next in line for Floyd Mayweather: Adrien “The Problem” Broner, Danny “Swift” Garcia, Mike “Mile High” Alvarado, and Amir “King” Khan. The only problem I have with the honorable mentions, however, is that these fighters range from the light welterweight division to the welterweight division which will spell trouble for any of these fighters if they were to face Floyd Mayweather simply because they will be too small to put any significant punishment on Floyd.

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Remember, the fighter that will beat Floyd Mayweather is going to have to have a non-stop jab, be bigger, stronger, and apply effective pressure, but like I always say about Floyd Mayweather, the tools that can beat Floyd Mayweather is his biggest attribute, and that is dealing with pressure.


In his last fight, Floyd Mayweather put on one of his best boxing performances ever against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Up until now, Alvarez was supposed to have been Mayweather’s biggest challenge and Mayweather made an easy $41.5 million dollars off of his supposed biggest challenge. The fighters in this post that I feel deserves a shot at Floyd Mayweather all have good boxing skills, but Floyd has exceptional boxing skills.

Floyd Mayweather is by far the best boxer of this era, and there a lot of people in the boxing world that hopes one day someone will knock Mayweather off of his pound for pound throne, but if Mayweather finishes his professional boxing career fighting at welterweight or at these catchweight fights between welterweight and junior middleweight, then I am not sure anyone will ever beat Floyd Mayweather.

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