Floyd Mayweather, Jr. rips Stephen A. Smith for comments made on ESPN First Take!

This is a recap of a segment that took place on ESPN’s sports debate show First Take on Monday, October 13, 2014!

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. once again shows the world in general why a lot of people revere him as boxing genius, but question his disposition as an individual outside of the ring.

Floyd Mayweather rips Stephen A. Smith - Potshot Boxing

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Mayweather took offense to some comments that ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith made on a First Take show that aired on Thursday, October 9, 2014.  Smith stated on the October 9th First Take show (Paraphrase) If Floyd Mayweather avoids the Pacquiao fight and fights either Canelo Alvarez or Miguel Cotto in his next fight, that he would have no problem with it.

However, Smith said, if Floyd Mayweather takes on Amir Khan in his next fight, then he will come on National Television and tell the world that Floyd “Money” Mayweather is avoiding Manny Pacquiao.  Smith’s reasoning was because there is no excuse now for Mayweather who has 2 fights left on his contract and is scheduled to retire in the fall of 2015. (Paraphrase)

Smith went on to say that Amir Khan is a good fighter, but he is not in Floyd Mayweather’s class in terms of Box Office appeal, and that the fights that are out there for Floyd Mayweather is Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto. (Paraphrase)

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. would rebut Stephen A. Smith’s comments on FightHype.com by saying, (Paraphrase) He do not give two flying (expletive) what Stephen A. Smith say.  Mayweather went on to say that (Paraphrase) he never seen Stephen A. Smith dribble a basketball, catch a football, or box, so he do not give two flying (expletive) what Stephen A. Smith say. Quote me on that! Mayweather told FightHype.com.

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Mayweather went on to say (Paraphrase) Stephen A. Smith is just a critic. Critics only got an opinion, like everybody else.  Everybody can always talk like they’re a football genius, a basketball genius, or a boxing genius, but we have never seen them do anything but criticize athletes, so it doen’t matter who I fight, Mayweather said. (Paraphrase)

Mayweather would continue his rant on FightHype.com by saying, (Paraphrase) I can fight two duds; at the end of the day it’s about working smarter not harder so Stephen A. Smith can go on First Take and say whatever he wants to say. (Paraphrase)

After hearing Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s rebuttal, Stephen A. Smith responded on the ESPN First Take show on today by letting ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless  know that (Paraphrase) he is not going to get into a Twitter War with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. regarding the comments he made on First Take, Thursday, October 9, 2014.  Smith went on to say that (Paraphrase) Bayless knows how he feels about Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; about how great Mayweather is as a boxer and a fighter; and he thinks that Mayweather is the best fighter on the planet and he will stand by that.

Smith would go on to say that (Paraphrase) Mayweather keeps saying that he wants to give the fans what they want to see.  My response to that, Smith says, is that people has been asking Mayweather to fight Pacquiao for years.

Smith would continue to give his reasoning on why it would be okay for Mayweather to take on either Canelo Alvarez or Miguel Cotto in his next fight if he does not fight Pacquiao next. Smith also gave his reasoning as to why it would not be okay for Floyd Mayweather to fight Amir Khan in his next fight if his next fight is not Pacquiao.

Smith explained to the First Take viewers that what he was basically saying is that (Paraphase) Amir Khan does not belong in the same boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  Smith claims that not only Amir Khan did not pay the same dues as Floyd Mayweather, Jr., but he also does not have a flawless boxing record either.  When you talk about a premier fight for boxing fans to see, Smith says, we don’t give a (expletive) about Amir Khan when it comes to him stepping into a boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (Paraphrase)

Smith would conclude his comment on today’s First Take segment regarding Floyd Mayweather, Jr. by saying, (Paraphrase) now if that is what got Floyd Mayweather, Jr. upset with him, then that’s fine.  Smith went on to say that he was not trying to hurt anybody.  Smith would also say (Paraphrase) people always talking about critics criticizing athletes. The last time he checked critics give out a lot of praise to athletes too, and the one thing that he has always praised is the boxing greatness of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (Paraphrase)

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Smith would also reiterated that he is not going to get caught up by trying to go back and forth with Mayweather, and disrespect a guy in Floyd Mayweather, Jr., whose greatness as a boxer is something that Smith has always respected. (Paraphrase)


ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless was dumbfounded by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s comments.  ESPN Host Cari Champion was also blown away by Mayweather’s rebuttal to Stephen A. Smith.

Stephen A. Smith only made great points as to who should fight Floyd if he does not fight Pacquiao next.  Amir Khan is not box office so Smith is dead on when he said that if Mayweather takes a fight with Khan, then maybe he is avoiding Manny Pacquiao.

I feel that Mayweather unfairly jumped down Stephen A. Smith’s throat.  If Mayweather was listening clearly, Smith was actually complimenting you Floyd and not dissing you.  All I got out of it was that Smith was simply saying Khan is not in Mayweather’s league.

Mayweather seems to never get it when it comes to the media.  Smith has always been an ally to Mayweather and Mayweather showed that he does not care about anyone.  I thought that Mayweather was a little more thick-skinned than that.

Besides, like I said earlier, Mayweather was just not paying attention to what Smith was actually saying.  He was complementing Mayweather and not disrespecting him.

Look, at the end of the day, Stephen A. Smith was right and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was dead wrong in my opinion.  Either Cotto or Alvarez would be a nice opponent for Floyd Mayweather, Jr., but the WHOLE BOXING WORLD WANTS MAYWEATHER VS. PACQUIAO. PERIOD.

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