Floyd Mayweather HQ is a Scam!!

There is a  Facebook page entitled “Floyd Mayweather HQ” that claims to be the real Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  This Facebook Page has several fake posts of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. supposedly giving away cars and money to his loyal boxing fans as a show of the Champ’s appreciation.

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This Facebook Page claims that all you have to do is like the Floyd Mayweather HQ Page, like the photo that was posted on the Floyd Mayweather HQ Page, and share the photo that was posted on the Floyd Mayweather HQ Page.

The instructions above are the various fake contest that are being ran by this Facebook Page. This Facebook Page is starting to get a lot of steam, so I just wanted to write this post to let everyone know that this Facebook Page is a fake and stay far, far away from it!!

I will admit that I got caught up in all of the supposed giving away of the money by Floyd Mayweather, Jr., but I should have known it was fake because of the number of likes the page has.

The real Official Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Facebook Page have over 9 million likes.  So in conclusion, Boxing World, if you go on Facebook and a Facebook Page entitled “Floyd Mayweather HQ” crosses your news feed, just run or better yet, make a comment to let people know that the Floyd Mayweather HQ Facebook Page is a fake!

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