A Floyd Mayweather fight is once again PSB’s Fight of the Month!

Check out who Potshot Boxing (PSB) picked for the Fight of the Month for September 2014!

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Well Floyd Mayweather’s boxing little brother Adrien “The Problem” Broner almost stole Potshot Boxing’s Fight of the Month for September 2014 from Mayweather because of the grit he showed in his fight with the talented Emmanuel Taylor on September 6, 2014.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana 2 Mayhem FOTM - Potshot Boxing

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In the end, however, it is Floyd Mayweather, Jr. who needed to redeem himself in the 2nd fight with Marcos “El Chino” Maidana, and that was the deal breaker for Potshot Boxing choosing the Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. vs. Marcos “El Chino” Maidana 2 Mayhem fight as the Fight of the Month for September 2014.

Heading into the fight with Maidana, there were some boxing fans who truly believed that Mayweather lost the 1st fight with Marcos Maidana.  Now, those fans were clearly delusional in my opinion, but hey, what do I know right? Anyway, because some of the boxing world felt that Mayweather lost the 1st fight, it was critical that Mayweather start out by showing Maidana who was the boss early and Mayweather did a great job of that in the rematch.

Mayweather used that straight left hand to the body and lead rights to keep Marcos Maidana at the end of his punches all fight long. Maidana used his aggression to cut off the ring while trying to trap Mayweather against the ropes early on in the fight.  Maidana had some success, but Mayweather got on his bicycle to escape the attacking Maidana by boxing circles around Maidana all night.

By the end of the 3rd round, Mayweather was clearly in control of the fight, but as the bell rang for the end of the 3rd, Maidana caught Mayweather with a hard right hand shot that buckled Mayweather as Mayweather went back to his corner. In the 4th round, Maidana would test to see if Mayweather was still buzzed by the right hand shot by attacking him with great pressure.

Mayweather was still on shaky legs in the 4th, but he would stay calm during Maidana’s aggressive attack in the 4th and caught Maidana with some good counterpunches to the head and body.

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Mayweather would take complete control of this fight from the 5th round on as Mayweather’s counterpunching and body work won the night. Maidana just did not have an answer for Mayweather and you could clearly see that Maidana was getting frustrated.

By round 7, the counterpunching and body work that Mayweather committed to started to slow down Maidana.  Maidana got so frustrated, Floyd Mayweather claimed that Maidana bit him on the hand in the 8th as the two fighters were in a clinch.  Now, there were some replays that looked like Maidana did bite Mayweather, and there were some replays that did not.  I just cannot believe that Maidana can bite through a boxing glove though.

Round 9 was comical as Mayweather’s steady counterpunching and body work on Maidana caused Maidana to go into the wrong corner after the bell rang for the end of round 9. Mayweather would use that moment to pleasure the MGM Grand crowd by tapping Maidana on the shoulder and telling him that his corner was in the opposite direction. That was super funny!

In round 10, referee Kenny Bayless would take a point away from Maidana for pushing Mayweather to the ground after the two fighter were tangled up. I personally feel that Bayless should not have taken a point away from Maidana given that Mayweather was already winning this fight easy.

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In the 11th round, Mayweather caught Maidana with a low blow, but Referee Kenny Bayless did not take a point away from Mayweather.  Mayweather did an awesome job the whole night focusing on Maidana’s body and he simply zapped a lot of Maidana’s power in the process.

The boxing world would watch the final round of this fight in displeasure as Mayweather would close the show by running the entire round.  Boxing World, I have no words for Mayweather’s final round tactics.  Anyway, Maidana was just out boxed from pillar to post by Mayweather. Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. would win an easy 12 unanimous decision victory over Marcos “El Chino” Maidana.


As long as Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is fighting in the ring, he will most likely be chosen as Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) Fight of the month no matter who he is fighting.  The reason for this is because every time the Pound for Pound King steps into the ring he has everything to lose, and there is a lot of the boxing world who wants to be there if he ever loses.

If Floyd Mayweather, Jr. sticks to retiring in the fall of 2015, I do not feel that there is anyone at 147 or 154 that can challenge him for Pound for Pound Supremacy!

There is truly only one fight and one fight only the boxing world wants to see before we all move on into boxing after Floyd Mayweather, and that is Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao. Period.  So Mayweather and Pacquiao please make this happen!

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