Danny Garcia Swiftly Knocks out Rod Salka!!

This is a recap of Danny Garcia’s impressive performance last night, along with the other great action that was provided by Lamont Peterson and Daniel Jacobs.

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August 9, 2014 marked a great night of boxing at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY as the crowd was treated to 3 one-sided great fights. This was definitely one of the better fight cards that the boxing world witnessed this year.

Danny Garcia vs. Rod Salka Knockout - Potshot Boxing

Well….Danny “Swift” Garcia answered the boxing world in emphatic fashion last night as simply dismantled Rod Salka execution style. Now, we already did not know who “Lightning” Rod Salka was as a fighter and Garcia made sure that we will not know Salka for years to come.

Leading up to this fight, Danny Garcia endured a lot of criticism from the boxing world because they felt that Garcia should not have even stepped into the ring against an unknown fighter like Salka. Instead, boxing fans wanted to see Garcia step into the ring against more suitable opponent, perhaps a top 140 pound contender.

Nevertheless, it was “Lightning” Rod Salka who would step into the ring at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York against Garcia to get executed.

Before the fight, Garcia let it be known that anything other than a knockout of Salka would be a disappointment and I must say Garcia emphatically did not disappoint!!

Danny Garcia looked sharp for as long as this 10 round bout lasted. Garcia would start the fight off using his jab well as he would touch Salka’s body from time to time in that 1st round. Garcia just looked so much bigger than Salka in that fight and it could have been because Salka was moving up in weight for this fight against Garcia.

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Rod Salka would come out and use his footwork to move around and try to give Garcia some angles to shoot at. Garcia would continue to press forward and cut off the ring and throw good body punches and jabs on Salka in the 1st round.

In the 2nd round, Garcia would continue to attack with effective body punching on Salka. As the round went on, Garcia would catch Salka with one of the most vicious right hooks of the year as the right hook left Salka looking around the Barclays Center crowd in shock. Garcia would follow up with more combination punching that would send Salka to the canvas.

Salka would get up at the count of 8, but Garcia would keep the pressure on as he would continue to land heavy left and right hooks to Salka’s head and body that would send Salka down again.

Salka would this time get up at the count of 9 and try to fight fire with fire with Garcia, but would get laid to rest as Garcia landed probably the most vicious left hook of the year on Salka that would send Salka to the canvas for good. The fight was stopped immediately and Garcia was awarded the 2nd round KO victory. Garcia’s knockout on Salka was one of those knockouts in which you are concerned for the fighter who was knocked out. Garcia’s last vicious left hook caused Salka’s head bounced off of the canvas.

Salka was checked out thoroughly by the doctors and he seems to be okay, but that was a vicious knockout ladies and gentlemen so I am glad that Salka seems to be okay.

After the fight, Danny Garcia would answer the question of a possible fight with Lamont Peterson by stating he would let his team decide, but if Peterson wants some, he can get it.

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Here are some other fight results from August 9, 2014 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York:

Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs would become the first cancer survivor to win a world title as he stopped Jarrod “Left Jab” Fletcher in 5 rounds to capture the vacant WBA (Regular) middleweight title. Lamont “Havoc” Peterson put on another great performance against Edgar Santana as he would body punch Santana to death en route to an easy 10th round TKO victory to retain his IBF junior welterweight title.

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