Championship Tees By PSB

Potshot Boxing (PSB) brings to you Championship Tees By PSB! This a boxing store that showcases a collection of Boxing T-shirts that features boxing slogans; while also providing boxing t-shirts featuring current, past, and future boxing events. Simply just boxing!

Check out these great t-shirts provided by Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) Championship Tees By PSB!

“Hit And Not Get Hit” Boxing T-Shirt

“Boxing vs. Kick Boxing” T-Shirt

“I Run From No One” T-Shirt

“Real Dads Love Boxing” T-Shirt

“Who Really Won” T-Shirt

“Real Moms Love Boxing” T-Shirt

“I Love Aggressive Fighters” T-Shirt

“I Love Defensive Fighters” T-Shirt

“My Ring My Rules” T-Shirt

“Boxing World” T-Shirt

“Got Beef? Sign The Contract!” T-Shirt

“Boxing Champ In The Making” T-Shirt

“I Am A Boxing Junkie” T-Shirt

“Boxing: My Guilty Pleasure” T-Shirt

“Touch Gloves And Come Out Swinging” T-Shirt


“Potshot Boxing (PSB)” T-Shirt



“Who’s Pound 4 Pound?” T-Shirt


“Warning: Boxing Decisions” T-Shirt

Boxing Decisions - Potshot Boxing

“Boxing Will Always Be King Over UFC” T-Shirt

boxing vs. ufc - Potshot Boxing

“The Best Fight I Ever Saw” T-Shirt

the best fight i ever saw - Potshot Boxing

“My Favorite All-Action Fighter” T-Shirt

arturo gatti - Potshot Boxing

“Eat Sleep Box” T-Shirt

eat sleep box t-shirt - Potshot Boxing

 “One Time vs. Showtime” T-Shirt

one time vs. showtime tshirt - Potshot Boxing

“Blood & Guts” T-Shirt

blood guts glory t-shirts - Potshot Boxing

“Meet Me In The Ring” T-Shirt

meet in the ring t-shirt - Potshot Boxing

“Canelo vs. Khan” T-Shirt

canelo vs. khan tshirt - potshot boxing

“The Drama Show: Golovkin vs. Wade” T-Shirt

The Drama Show Tshirt - Potshot Boxing

“Kovalev Krushes Pascal” T-Shirt

kovalev krushes pascal tshirt - Potshot Boxing

“Stop Ducking” T-Shirt

“Down For The Count” T-Shirt

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