“Bad” Chad Dawson’s comeback trail derailed by Karpency!

This is a recap of the “Bad” Chad Dawson vs. Tommy Karpency fight that took place on Saturday, October 4, 2014 on Showtime Boxing along with some other boxing action!

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“Bad” Chad Dawson was a huge favorite heading into the Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket, Connecticut on Saturday, October 4.  With a win, Dawson was looking to further his comeback trail to getting back on top of the light heavyweight division.  Well, somebody should have told Tommy Karpency that!

The fight between Dawson and Karpency was not a fight you want to write home to Mother about, but a decent fight nevertheless.  Karpency took this fight with Dawson on just 3 weeks notice so Dawson should have taken Karpency out with no problems right?  Yeah right.  With the exception of a couple of uppercuts that landed for Dawson in this fight, both fighters used their jabs the entire night.  Neither one of these fighters did good job investing punches to the body in this fight.

Chad Dawson simply did not intimidate Karpency at all and as a result, he allow Karpency to gain confidence.  Karpency would land a stiff left hand shot on Dawson that actually hurt Dawson in the 3rd round.  From the 4th round on, Karpency’s confidence started to grow round after round, even though this fight was simply a jab-fest at best.

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In the 7th round, Dawson threw a left hand shot that glanced off of Karpency’s shoulder.  Now, to the boxing world it seemed as though Dawson hurt his left hand in the 7th after throwing that glancing blow.

In round 8, it was clear that Dawson’s hand or something was hurt because Dawson would land good jabs, but he would start fighting backwards.  I felt that Karpency did not do enough to win this fight because number 1, he did not do enough body work on Dawson; and number 2, he did not take advantage of the injured Dawson by attacking him.

Dawson did a great job in rounds 9 and 10 by using his right hand to jab Karpency and protecting his injury.  This was a fight that was scheduled for 10 rounds so after the 10th this fight went to the judges scorecards.  Now, this was a tough fight to score given that there were a lot of toss up rounds in this fight.  Neither one of these fighters produced a good work rate so it would make it hard for any judge to score this fight.

The judges scored the fight…… for the winner by split decision victory….Tommy Karpency!  What a stunning upset!

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This was a very tough fight to score.  I personally thought that “Bad” Chad Dawson did enough to win this fight based on how he used his jab down the stretch; and how he gutted out the fight despite his injury!  After the fight, Dawson was asked if he got injured during the fight and he said that he hurt his left shoulder in the 3rd round.  Chad was clearly upset about the decision.

Chad should have gotten Karpency out of there early if he wanted to give the boxing world an inkling of hope that he was back as a serious contender in the light heavyweight division, but unfortunately for us, Dawson got injured so we will have to wait and see how he does in his next fight after getting his left shoulder repaired.

Who knows if Chad Dawson will even come back and fight.  This is one of those fights to could end a fighter’s career given the level of competition Dawson fought tonight.  Also, remember that Tommy Karpency took this fight on 3 weeks notice and got a big win over a fighter in Chad Dawson who was once considered one of the best Pound For Pound fighters in the world.

Here are some more fight results that took place on Saturday, October 4, 2014!

Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy defeated Fernando David Saucedo by 12th round unanimous decision to retain his IBF junior lightweight title on the line.

Vanes Martirosyan defeated Willie Nelson by 10th round unanimous decision victory.

Tommy Karpency defeated “Bad” Chad Dawson by 10th round split-decision victory.

Jhonny Gonzalez defeated Jorge Arce by 11th round TKO victory to retain his WBC featherweight title.

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