Anthony Joshua takes Heavyweight Throne away from Wladimir Klitschko!

Anthony Joshua and ‘Dr. Steelhammer’ Wladimir Klitschko put the heavyweight division back on the map with one of the best heavyweight performances the boxing world has witnessed in a long time.  Wembley Stadium was rocking with over 90,000 screaming boxing fans waiting in anticipation for this heavyweight title fight and Man, Joshua and Klitschko did not disappoint.

The fight started off like a dud, however, as the 2 fighters were jabbing at one another trying to get a feel on what the other fighter was going to do.  Joshua threw the more significant punches in the first 3 rounds as Klitschko was jumping in and out of the action without throwing punches.

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There was not a lot of holding in this fight early on so the referee had an easy time taking control of the action.  Business would pick up in round 5 as Joshua and Klitschko created one of the best rounds of the year 2017.

Joshua stormed out of the corner in round 5 and caught Klitschko with a barrage of punches, particularly the right uppercut, the stunned Klitschko.  Joshua would follow the right uppercut up with another left hook, followed by another right uppercut that sent Klitschko to the canvas.

Klitschko got up from the knockdown in round 5 and Joshua went in for the kill.  Joshua made a huge mistake by going for the kill because he punched himself out in the process.  This would open up the door for ‘The Steelhammer’ to land some vicious hooks of his own that stopped Joshua dead in his tracks.

Klitschko continued to turn the tide in the 6th round as Joshua’s spaghetti legs and excessive talking found himself on the end of a signature Klitschko straight right hand that sent him to the canvas for the first time in his boxing career.

Joshua got up from the straight right hand, but he was clearly on dream street for the next couple of rounds.  As Joshua was trying to shake the cobwebs off, Klitschko started to take control of the second half of the fight.

Joshua finally shook the cobwebs off in round 9 and started back landing good body shots that would lead to him winning the round on Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) unofficial scorecard.  Round 10 was one of those swing rounds as both fighters were putting it all on the line at this point as neither fighter wanted to see this fight go to the judges.

In round 11, Joshua stormed out again and caught Klitschko with a tremendous right hand that sent Klitschko spinning around.  Joshua would continue to stalk Klitschko and in the process landed a sneaky left hook.

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As round 11 continued, Joshua would land the best right uppercut of the year 2017 as it looked like Klitschko’s head flew into the tenth row.  Joshua would follow up the right uppercut with a devastating left hook that put Klitschko back on the canvas.

Klitschko got up from the left hook, but would get hit by an unmerciful combination by Joshua that sent him to the canvas again.  Klitschko would get up one last time, and Joshua closed the show with a big body shot to Klitschko’s ribcage and devastating power shots to the head that caused the referee to step in and stop the fight!

Anthony Joshua was awarded the 11th round TKO.  With the win, Joshua retained his IBF heavyweight title, and is now the new WBA heavyweight champion.


The Heavyweight Division is officially back in the mix in the sport of Boxing!  Anthony Joshua has all of the tools to be the very best heavyweight in the world for a long time to come.  This kid had to go through a lot of adversity to get the W, and it was great that this fight did not end in round 5.

Joshua had to learn a tough, but necessary lesson that will make him even more dangerous going forward.  That lesson is once you get a fighter in trouble, you do not always have to go for the kill.  You must be patient, otherwise, you can punch yourself out, thus, causing yourself to get stopped.

That one lesson is going to make Joshua an instant boxing legend if he holds on to that precious thing called “patience.”  After the fight, Joshua did call out Tyson Fury, but he is open to whoever is ready for him in the heavyweight division.

As for Wladimir Klitschko, not sure what’s next for him.  Klitschko clearly can still fight, but do you want him to fight Anthony Joshua again Boxing World?

Who do want to see Anthony Joshua fight next?

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