Andre Berto blasted Victor Ortiz in the Rematch!

The boxing hotbed known as the StubHub Center in Carson, California witnessed a whole lot of knockouts on April 30, 2016, but it was Andre ‘The Beast’ Berto who stole the night by bringing back an old friend from the past; “The Uppercut from Hell.”

Heading into the fight, it was clear that Andre Berto was so focused on avenging the 1st professional boxing loss of his career. He wanted everyone to know that no matter what would transpire in the rematch with Victor Ortiz, he was willing to go through fire to get the victory over Ortiz.

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Both fighters started off the rematch a little cautious as it seemed as though neither fighter wanted to make the pivotal mistake to cost them the fight early. As the 1st round continued, the 2 fighters would clash heads which caused a bad gash over Ortiz’s left eye. The blood from that cut started to gush down Ortiz’s face.

The fighters continued to fight on, but remained cautious even after the clash of heads. The 1st round of this fight would end to the serenading of boos from the StubHub Center boxing crowd as if the crowd was saying “This is not the fight we witnessed 5 years ago.”

Well business would pick up quickly in the 2nd round as Berto became the aggressor in this fight because Ortiz decided to box instead of brawl in the 1st round which threw off Berto’s boxing game plan.

Berto changing his boxing game plan to be the aggressor in the fight backfired on him for a split-second in round 2 as he got caught with a straight left hand by Ortiz that sent him to the canvas. Now, it was not a really big shot that Ortiz landed, but Berto was lackadaisical for a split-second and “BOOM,” he got caught by a perfect straight left hand.

Berto got up from the straight left hand and kept on stalking Ortiz as round 2 came to an end. Berto continued to step up the pace in round 3 as he knew he had to make up for the loss of focus in the 2nd round that caused the knockdown.

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Ortiz continued to take on the boxer role in the 3rd round as he circled Berto and tried to counter Berto on the inside with hard shots.

In round 4, Berto’s aggression would finally pay off as he took a page from his 2008 fight with Miguel Angel Rodriguez and brought back “The Uppercut from Hell” as he caught Ortiz with that devastating right uppercut that sent Ortiz storming to the canvas.

Ortiz got up from the knockdown only to get blasted with a flurry a punches from Berto that sent him staggering back to the canvas. Ortiz got up from the 2nd knockdown and he had that look of “QUIT” on his face as the referee asked him if he wanted to continue.

Ortiz reminded the entire boxing world of why we get frustrated with him at times because he actually did not respond to the referee, thus, he “Quit” in my humble opinion. The referee stopped the fight, and Andre ‘The Beast’ Berto was awarded the 4th round KO victory.


This turned out to be a very good rematch between Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz. It had all sorts of drama from Ortiz shocking the boxing world by taking the boxer role in this fight; to the clash of heads, to Berto refocusing after getting put on the canvas; and to Ortiz quitting after getting knockdown for the 2nd time in the 4th round. The 4 rounds of this fight definitely put Andre Berto back into the conversation in the welterweight division, but I am not certain if it did the same for Victor Ortiz.

Every time Victor Ortiz faces adversity, instead of embracing it, he runs from it. The boxing world will never give Ortiz his just do if he continues along the path of quitting. As for Andre Berto, the question the boxing world will have for him is whether or not he will ever be the elite fighter the boxing world thought he was going to be years ago.

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