Andrade defeats Martirosyan by 12 round split decision!!

Here is a recap of the Demetrius Andrade vs. Vanes Martirosyan!!

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Demetrius Andrade used his pure boxing style to overwhelm Vanes Martirosyan round after round.  Martirosyan scored a first round knockdown on Andrade, but Andrade got up from the knockout and simply outboxed Martirosyan to a 10-9 round on my scorecard.

Martirosyan made a huge mistake in this fight as he kept backing up from the taller fighter in Andrade as the great Roy Jones, Jr. at ringside so eloquently put it; and Andrade took advantage of it as he kept hitting Martirosyan as he backed up.

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There is nothing really pretty about this fight except for the boxing of Andrade, although, Martirosyan made it a fight in the middle rounds as he pressed Andrade a little bit.  This fight turned out not to be as sexy as a lot of the boxing world thought it was going to turn out to be.  In the end, Andrade cruised to a 12 round split decision victory which should have been a unanimous decision victory in my opinion.

Andrade was awarded the vacant WBO junior middleweight title.


Andrade has some good boxing skills.  He is a pure boxer and time will tell how this up and coming fighter will do in the future once he runs into a real pressure fighter.

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