Alfonso Gomez vs. Yoshihiro Kamegai is PSB’s Fight of the Month!

Check out Potshot Boxing’s (PSB) Fight of the Month for March of 2015!

Once again Yoshihiro Kamegai successfully gave the boxing world another classic blood and guts war!  Kamegai proved to be a human punching bag in his epic March battle with Alfonso Gomez.

There were a lot of good all-action fights in the month of March, but in my opinion, the Alfonso Gomez vs. Yoshihiro Kamegai was a no brainer for Potshot Boxing’s Fight of the Month for March 2015!

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Alfonso Gomez started the 1st round out by using a solid left jab that landed on Kamegai’s head and stomach. Kamegai moved forward behind a high guard while trying to get inside and land some hard body shots of his own. As the 1st round went on, Gomez started to double and triple up on the jab while mixing in some good right hooks and uppercuts on Kamegai. Kamegai simply did not protect himself enough in this fight as he could not get out of the way of the fireworks that Gomez was throwing.

Kamegai continued to move forward and pressure Gomez in the 2nd, but he got peppered by Gomez’s counterpunches and combinations. Gomez did a great job in this fight smothering Kamegai’s attack and getting off his explosive power punching while not allowing Kamegai get off his shots.

The 3rd round was more of the same as Gomez used his counterpunching to easily offset Kamegai’s aggressive offense. Kamegai had his moments in the 3rd when he was able to back Gomez up against the ropes and land some hard shots to the body, but Kamegai’s heavy bag boxing style allowed Gomez to potshot him the entire night. Gomez simply could see every punch that Kamegai was throwing.

In the 4th round, Kamegai continued to stalk Gomez while landing some good body shots on Gomez in the process. The pressure on Kamegai started to pay off in this fight as Kamegai got inside and landed a big right hook on Gomez. Kamegai’s relentless attack frustrated Gomez so much that he got a point deduction in the 4th for head butting Kamegai to create space to throw punches. Gomez and Kamegai would close the 4th round by landing brutal shots on each other to the delight of the Fantasy Springs Casino crowd.

As the fight went on, Gomez continued to land solid left jabs and power punches on Kamegai. Kamegai, however, displayed unbelievable determination by taking all that Gomez was dishing out and just continued to move forward. Although Gomez was winning this phone booth fight easy, Kamegai made him work every second of every round from start to finish in this fight.

Gomez’s counterpunching and jabs on Kamegai would dominate rounds 5 and 6. Kamegai’s ineffective pressure allowed Gomez to hit Kamegai with punches that were judge-friendly and easy for the whole world to see. The beauty of Yoshihiro Kamegai is he continues to throw back punches even when he is getting clobbered with punishing shots, which is why the boxing world loves this punching bag that is Yoshihiro Kamegai.

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In round 7, Kamegai landed a solid right hand on Gomez. Kamegai would continue to work Gomez’s body, but Gomez did a great job landing hard jabs and combinations on Kamegai when the 2 fighters were on the inside.

Kamegai’s ineffective pressure started to wear down Gomez in round 8 as Kamegai landed a crushing left hand that hurt Gomez. Kamegai would follow up the left hand with another hard left that sent Gomez back into the ropes. Kamegai would continue his assault on Gomez against the ropes as he landed more clean shots on Gomez. Gomez was able to fight off the ropes and land some brutal shots of his own on Kamegai, but Kamegai continued to move forward, back Gomez up against the ropes, and tag him with hard shots to the head and body.

Gomez looked exhausted as it seems as though Kamegai’s ineffective pressure may have worn him down, but Gomez would rally back with a big right uppercut that would stop Kamegai’s assault momentarily. Kamegai would shake off the right uppercut from Gomez and move forward again to inflict more unforgiving punishment on Gomez.

When round 8 ended, Gomez walked back to his corner very slowly as he looked gassed. In the 9th round, Kamegai continued to stalk Gomez as he landed a hard left hook on Gomez followed by some good body shots. Gomez would wisely clinch Kamegai to try and regain his stamina, but as the 9th round went on, Kamegai kept coming. Gomez looked extremely gassed as he held on to Kamegai for dear life as Kamegai continued to destroy Gomez’s body.

As the 9th round went on, Gomez would somehow fight on boxing stamina fumes and stand toe to toe with Kamegai to produce an even better action-packed round than the 8th! These 2 fighters would trade gut wrenching shots on each other down the stretch in this fight that would make the boxing world proud.

In the final round, Gomez wisely used the ring to get out of the way of Kamegai’s pressure as he wisely boxed Kamegai by tying him up on the inside. Gomez was clearly tired in the 10th, but he did a great job moving to let the 3 minute round dwindle down to 0. Kamegai would land 2 vicious left hands on Gomez in the last 20 seconds of the fight, but Gomez stood up to the punishment and avoided the rest of Kamegai’s shots by wisely slipping and holding as the fight ended.

This great fight would go the judges’ scorecards and all 3 judges scored the fight for Alfonso Gomez!


Yoshihiro Kamegai gave big punches as well as he gotten from Alfonso Gomez on March 20, 2015, but Gomez control the fight with clean counterpunching and crowd-pleasing power punching.  This phone-booth fight the Fantasy Springs Casino crowd was treated to in March was just another true reason why the sport of Boxing is brutal, but beautiful!

The boxing world will always appreciate Yoshihiro Kamegai when he steps into any boxing ring because fight fans will always get their money’s worth. Alfonso Gomez had a moving punching bag in there with him and he took advantage of the horrible defense of Kamegai by putting enough rounds away early to cruise to a unanimous decision victory. This Potshot Boxing (PSB) Fight of the Month will definitely be in the mix for 2015 Fight of the Year!

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